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BBC Opens Online Store For Shows; Top Gear & Sherlock In The List

Sherlock Season 2

Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman in Sherlock Season 2

BBC on Wednesday has announced the launch of an online store to watch shows. With more than 7,000 hours of content, from ‘Top Gear’ to ‘Doctor Who?’ To Sherlock, BBC will make the content available through BBC iplayer and the website for streaming and downloading.

The content has been available for long through iTunes and nine other commercial retailers, but this is the first time the British Media experts are releasing an online store for shows. Recently, BBC had been accused of imposing power through expansion (Imperial expansion), this might be just another step to take down the accusations of the court calling BBC an imperialist.

The BBC iPlayer will allow a maximum playback upto 30 days and it is launched to replace the nostalgic hardcopy of old seasons. In a press statement, Marcus Arthur, MD of BBC Worldwide & ANZ said, “We want BBC Store to do for digital ownership what BBC iPlayer did for catch up. BBC Store makes digital ownership really easy for audiences and means that we can begin opening up the incredible BBC television archive.”

The service will be available for people in UK and can only be purchased through a Debit/Credit Card. Americans still have the option of iTunes but BBC quoted that it will be releasing an exclusive service in America from next year.

According to the report by Guardian, shows which were not even released on DVDs and are considered to be racist/sexist will be available on the website under ‘Of its time’ category.

BBC worldwide further stated that, “There’ll be new exclusive content for Top Gear fans including Top Gear: The Races in which Matt LeBlanc guides viewers through the most memorable moments from the show’s racing archive and an exclusive first chance to own Top Gear: Greatest Hits, a best of collection from the world’s most-watched factual entertainment show.”

It is offering a discount of 25% on first purchase to almost everyone who registers on the newly-launched store. Head of the BBC iPlayer, Dan Taylor-Watt, said, “The launch of BBC Store coincides with a significant milestone in the evolution of BBC iPlayer: the addition of ‘Places to buy’ links, enabling users to discover programmes to buy and keep and to watch BBC Store purchases back on iPlayer.”

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