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3DPhy: Enhancing Online Product Display With 3D Rendering and Augmented Reality

The torrent of tech startups has revolutionized the urban lifestyle to a degree which is phenomenal. With innovation and disruptive technologies, these budding enterprises are making a major impact on consumers, convincing them to take the digital leap.

However, showcasing of products is still a huge problem in the online industry, especially when one is trying to sell a house or furniture. In such a cases, photos and videos are not sufficient to drive a customer’s buying decision. This is the loophole that 3DPhy identifies and attempts to resolve.

Team 3DPhy

Team 3DPhy

What is 3DPhy?

Based out of Gurgaon and co-founded in Oct 2014 by Amit Shekhar, Uttam Kumar, Rajiv Kumar & Raghavendra Polinki, 3DPhy is 3D Augmented and virtual Reality startup. The company has developed a cloud based technology to showcase 3D of any product or physical space via web, mobile and Head mounted Display.  The company claims to stand as a challenger to global players like Matterport, Oculus etc. with 1/10th the cost and better technology.

What does 3DPhy do?

3DPhy offers 3D Virtual & Augmented Reality Solutions for eCommerce companies and helps them make the shopping experience of their customers more engaging and interactive.

The company creates 3D models as well as virtual tours for eTail, Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Events and Malls.

What technology is the company employing?

3DPhy employs its in-house cloud based solution which allows 3D models to be viewed on any browser and any device like mobile, tab, laptop etc., without installing any software or plugin.


The company claims that it is witnessing an explosive growth in Real Estate and eCommerce sector. In Real Estate, 3Dphy has over 20 developers with more than 60 properties and over 2000 brokers on its platform. It has over 30K unique monthly visitors on its VR product.

In eCommerce, 3DPhy’s clientele includes Urban Ladder, Happily Unmarried and Fab Furnish.

Within less than a year,  the company claims to be on an annual revenue run rate of over $0.5million.

How does the company monetize?

Currently, the company is charging Real Estate developers for creating VR for their properties. In future, it is planning to  launch a monthly subscription model.

For eCommerce, 3DPhy charges per product.

Scope and future plans

As per the team, “3DPhy is targeting the $120 billion Real Estate industry and aims to change the way one browses properties online. The company aspires to go global and enable users to check for properties from the comfort of their home.”

3DPhy is also working on a technology which will enable users to create and upload 3D of their home and view it on a Head Mounted Display from their mobile phone.

Funding status

The company was bootstrapped for the initial couple of months but was eventually successful in bagging an undisclosed angel investment from an external Investor.


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