[Video] How to Manage a Startup by Ben Horowitz

This video is a part of a series of lectures on ‘How to Start a Startup’, collated by Sam Altman.

In the previous video, Keith Rabois, ex-COO of Square and currently an investment partner at Khosla Ventures, talked about the basic steps necessary to build a company. He also highlighted how to make compensation transparent, what kind of things people care about and how to ensure consistent voice of the company during growth.

In this video, Ben Horowitz, Co-Founder and Partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, talks about the importance of knowing how to make critical decisions. He quotes, “As a CEO of the company, when you’re making a critical decision, you have to understand how it’s going to be interpreted from all points of view. Not just your point of view and not just the person you’re talking to but the people who aren’t in the room, everybody else.” Covering four business cases as examples, he elaborate on critical decision making instances. Check out the video to know his view points and how should one deal with such situations and stress.

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