[Video] How to Build for the Enterprise by Aaron Levie

This video is a part of a series of lectures on ‘How to Start a Startup’, collated by Sam Altman.

In the previous video, Ben Silbermann, the founder of Pinterest, and John and Patrick Collison, the founders of Stripe, talked about the core pieces of culture that are required to build companies. They also highlight how to hire the right ‘first’ employees to get the culture of the company right, how to convince people to join startups and how the user base affected a company’s hiring strategy.

In this video, co-founder and CEO of cloud computing company Box, Aaron Levie shares his experiences about early days of Box and his decision to build for the enterprise instead of creating a consumer startup. Further he also talks about the progress in the technological sector and how it has helped in making present a ‘magical’ time to build an enterprise software company. “You have to look for new enabling technologies or major trends … that create a wide gap between how things are done and how they can be done,” advised Levie.

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