[Video] Build Your Product, Know Your Users and Grow by Adora Cheung

This video is part of the series of lectures by Sam Altman (President, Y Combinator) and Dustin Moskovitz (Asana Co-Founder).

In the previous video, Paul Graham talked about the two key attributes of startups, i.e. Counter intuitiveness and Uncertainty. He highlights the unpredictability of startups and the inextricable risks associated with them.

In this video, Adora Cheung, Homejoy Co-Founder talks about building product, talking to users and growing by quoting her personal mistakes that she has committed in the past. She mainly emphasizes on having a lot of time on hand to concentrate on the startup. Being dedicated towards one’s idea and developing solutions to the problems is all it takes for growth.

Another important thing that she talks about is knowing your industry well. Identify customer segments and storyboard an ideal user’s experience. In order to build a good product and grow, the company should understand its users need and should be able to fulfill them successfully.

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