TaskMitra: A Hyperlocal App Startup for More than Just Household Services

Digitization has penetrated very deep into our lifestyle, partly because technology is parlous handsome and addictive, and partly owing to the necessity and convenience factors which are associated with it.

With each passing day, our dependency on online solutions is increasing rapidly. This tendency is propelled by the need to economize on time and labour in this demanding world. From running a couple of errands for grocery to hosting a dinner; from shopping apparels to getting a car on rent- we have a quick fix to all of these on the internet and mobile, facilitated by a myriad online companies. However, finding skilled and trusted help in one’s vicinity for offbeat tasks like teaching a special kid or taking pictures of jewelery for your blog, babysitting etc. could be a tough nut to crack. This is the service gap, TaskMitra attempts to fill.

team TaskMitra

Team TaskMitra

Headquartered in Mumbai and founded by Gautam Gokhale and Ushma Khabaria in March 2015, TaskMitra is a crowdsourced Task Marketplace where one can outsource everyday errands, short-term work, offbeat projects, and receive offers from skilled & trusted people around you, ready to complete them. And guess what? You can be a Mitra yourself and assist others get done with their Tasks and earn.


Recalling the conception of this business idea, Gautam stated, “It was New Year’s Eve, Me & Ushma Khabaria (Co-founder) were busy planning a house party. With food, drinks, lights and music in place, we were sure it would turn out to be a night to remember; which it almost was. Except that, somewhere between setting-up the food, tuning the playlist, mixing drinks, and ensuring everyone was having a great time, we realized how exhausting this all was; and we hadn’t even begun to consider the after-mess that was to follow!

‘If only we had a little help’— was our first thought. But who would’ve fit into our budget and volunteered at the 11th hour?

It was this concern that led to the idea of TaskMitra. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a place online where you could just say what you need, when you need it and at what price! Surely there would be someone (professionals, amateurs or even part-timers) around you wanting to earn some extra money by lending their services”

Problems Addressed by TaskMitra

There are many of problems associated with the traditional way of outsourcing work. The first thing that comes to one’s mind is —where can I find help, and who’s actually going to help me out? TaskMitra eliminates these conventional ways of asking, hunting, flipping pages, or even begging for help.

Today as technology is enabling trust and friendship among strangers, TaskMitra is trying to reinstate a buddy system where people can freely connect and seek help from each other.

Key Features and Services

TaskMitra lets the user broadcast everyday errands, short-term work & offbeat projects, and seamlessly integrates them with respective service providers – or, even skilled people willing to help, through an interactive interface.

From something as simple as decluttering wardrobes, learning to bake, getting in shape to complex tasks like getting a partnership deed registered, filing taxes or needing a content writer for a blog, users can fulfill all kinds of Tasks with TaskMitra.

Users needing help with tasks are broadcasters, while those who choose to take up tasks by providing their services are called Mitras and one can seamlessly alternate being both.

To broadcast a task, one simply has to describe what you need, along with the location & budget. Once the task goes live, the user receives offers from Mitras with the required skills or intentions. Next, the user can quickly compare profiles & ratings and choose a suitable Mitra to complete your Task and securely pay online.

Being an intermediary, TaskMitra makes sure all dealings are fair and secure through verifications, user reviews and personal interventions when needed.

The platform not being limited to a few services, leaves the scope unimaginable as, there  have already been tasks that seem out of the ordinary like needing someone to teach a mid-thirties woman to ride a bicycle or wanting a home gardening enthusiast to help set up a small home farm to looking for a person with good handwriting to make personal invites– people are getting a hang of it, and beginning to experiment with it.

Company’s Vision

According to Gautam, Task Mitra was conceptualized with focus on 3 key aspects:

1)To build a Go-to place for people, where it’s easy for people to say what they need, along with a price they’re willing to pay.

2)To keep it crowdsourced – this would help tap fresh sources of supply previously non-existent in the market, thereby changing the user behavior.

3)To provide a single platform where one could get tasks done – or, choose to take up tasks one is skilled at.

Traction Details

TaskMitra has completed more than 4500 tasks amounting to excess of Rs.1,20,00,000 (Rs.1 Crore 20 lakhs). It has 25,000 verified users and 40% repeat customers. As claimed by the company, its growth rate is 15% w-o-w. Nearly 80% of tasks get assigned.


With the old timers like Just dial, Sulekha and other listing portals already existent in the market, there are a few new entrants in the service aggregator space like Localoye and UrbanClap who come across as a lateral young version of the former. There are a few like Qyk, Taskbob, Doormint who have mushroomed in verticals as well.

Monetization Model

Currently, TaskMitra is free to use. “But we plan to charge a percentage of the task amount as Commission/Fees dependent on Task Category & other parameters. We would be launching premium features which would be subscription based,” maintains Gautam.

Status of Fund-Raising

The company is currently bootstrapped with the capital of its founders.

Future Plans and Growth Strategies

Addressing this query, Gautam said that given the large chunk of growing transactions & users, their team is fully data focused & has implemented a strong footing in Big Data & machine learning. Data, which is captured is formatted, stored, and analyzed which helps the company gain useful insight to increase revenues, get & retain customers, and improve operations efficiency.

He added that the company is solely concentrating on Mumbai for now, with plans of expanding their footprints to Pune & Bengaluru by the end of this year.

However, the immediate next step would be to also launch a mobile app that will help the startup take social collaboration to the next level with Multilingual Interface & other innovative features across PAN India.

Thus Spake the Founder-

“Today, as technology is enabling trust and friendship amongst strangers, TaskMitra is trying to reinstate a buddy system where people can freely connect and seek help from each other.This helps us bring in a culture of social collaboration and also promote collaborative consumption which leads to less of consuming, more of sharing, saving and meeting awesome people.”-Gautam Gokhale.

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    The worst service ever. Yup, if only I had a little help when a family member is in the hospital, but I won’t get that help from Task Mitra. You need to walk the talk and not just give lip service. Your reputation is built by your work, not your PR.
    I urgently had to send an envelope full of documents to a hospital in Vasai. The person had been hospitalized at night so I filled up your form on the website at 2am, complete with google map links to pick and drop off locations. Of course I called your number but no one picked up at 2am, but I was expecting a call from your company at least by 9am the next day (which is when I wanted the pick-upk, I had written so in the form), but I got no phone call and no sms. I called your number at 12:30pm to hear that my order has been cacelled. I said I was not intimated, to which the lady on the phone lied and said that she had sent an sms. In reality only an email had been sent. Do you thnk a person in a rush will be constantly checking their email to see if you have confirmed or cancelled!!! In any case, the lady on the phone said that she cannot do my delivery because you have no people. So really, you are the worst service. I don’t know why you bother to pretend that you can offer a service when you can’t!!!! And at least, do not lie about sending an sms when you haven’t. It is very unprofessional.

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