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Rajasthan Startup Policy 2015 – State Will be a World Beater in Startups Says Vasundhara Raje

Rajasthan CM Raje said: “If Bangalore is where it all began in startups, I can assure you Rajasthan is where it will be. Rajasthan is a world-beater and will remain so in the times to come.”

Rajasthan CM Raje said: “If Bangalore is where it all began in startups, I can assure you Rajasthan is where it will be. Rajasthan is a world-beater and will remain so in the times to come.”

The Rajasthan Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje, today unveiled the ‘Rajasthan Startup Policy – 2015’  while inaugurating the first edition of the  ‘Rajasthan Startup Fest’, a national level startup event designed to boost entrepreneurship in the state.

A the event, Raje said that “If Bangalore is where it all began in startups, I can assure you Rajasthan is where it will be. Rajasthan is a world-beater and will remain so in the times to come.” The state’s Startup Policy has been created to boost the startup ecosystem, and support entrepreneurial talent native to the state.

Also, CS Rajan, Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan, said that Jaipur has now overtaken Bangalore in terms of the number of deals that have happened in the last 6 months in angel funding and venture capital funding. “Jaipur is fast becoming the next startup hub of India with excellent social and physical infrastructure, low cost of living, large number of technical and professional colleges and proximity to NCR,” he said.

The ‘Rajasthan Startup Fest’ has been organised by the Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation (RIICO); Startup Oasis, a Jaipur-based incubation centre set up by RIICO and CIIE; and the Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE) of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. Its an effort to bring together over 500 individuals from the startup ecosystem, including startup promoters, investors and mentors.

Key highlights of Rajasthan Startup Policy 2015 include

Key 5-Year Targets identified by the Rajasthan Startup Policy 2015:

  • 50 Incubators / Incubator-like Organizations to be established.
  • 500 innovative startups to be supported and incubated.
  • 100,000 sq ft of Incubation Space to be developed / facilitated.
  • Angel and Venture Capital of Rs 500 Cr to be mobilized for startups.
  • Development of an Innovation and Problem Solving Culture across the State.

Key Focus Areas of the Rajasthan Startup Policy:

  • Social and Cleantech – Rural Infrastructure & Services, Crafts, Water, Sanitation, Renewable Energy and Healthcare, including asset light models of healthcare delivery and medical devices.
  • Mobile and Information Technology, including but not limited to crowd sourcing, crowd funding, online financial services
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Electronics and Hardware.
  • IT for X’ in the areas of Garment and Crafts, Mining and SME Manufacturing and Services.
  • Disruptive ideas/Technologies in any sector

Through the announcements made at the event, it appears that the Government is aggressive about making Rajasthan one of the top startup hubs in the nation. In August 2015, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had announced a Rs. 2,000 crore fund to support startups in the country.

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  1. 1


    Each year , India adds 12 million youth to its

    Only 2 million get jobs , leaving 10 million to fend
    for themselves

    Eking out a ” subsistence living ” , these 10
    million are euphemistically called,

    > Self

    > Start-Ups


    There is an urgent need to go beyond rhetoric / lip
    service / tinkering , to empower them , to become REAL entrepreneurs

    I have explained how this can be done in my earlier
    blog :


    ( read at…..hemenparekh….in > blogs )

    Some naysayers are bound to say :

    ” But
    entrepreneurship cannot be taught

    Either it is
    in your blood or it is not ”

    Then they will try to support their argument by citing
    Bania communities

    Accepting this argument , would be a defeatist attitude

    Here is how we can produce a generation of
    ENTREPRENEURS , 5 years from now ( if we start NOW ) :

    * Introduce
    ” Entrepreneurship ” as an mandatory subject in High Schools

    and Colleges

    * Each such
    School / College to be ” Adopted ” by a Corporate ( CSR ? )

    * Each adopting
    Corporate will bear the full expense of running this

    course (
    Teachers’ Salaries etc )

    * Such expense
    to be tax-exempt ( or offset as Corporate CSR obligation )

    * Exams to be
    in the form of presentation by teams of final year students


    TO START ”

    * Presentations
    to be judged by Panels of Venture Capitalists / Angel

    Investors /
    Incubators etc

    * Winning teams
    ( 1st / 2nd / 3rd prize ) , to be
    offered funds by the

    Members ( as seen in some TV programs )

    Fund amounts
    should be small ( Max Rs 100 lakhs ) and preference to

    be given to
    projects involving healthcare / education / manufacturing /

    / food processing etc

    * Winning Teams
    , setting up Start Ups with these VC funds , to be

    to hire graduating students from the non-winning teams

    This ”
    encouragement ” to be in the form of reimbursement of salaries of

    such hires (
    only such hires ), under ”
    Employment Generation Subsidy ”

    concerned State Government , where this Start Up gets registered ,

    since ,
    employment is a State Subject

    Such Salary-reimbursements
    will be for first 3 years of Start Up

    To create an entire GENERATION of ENTREPRENEURS , we need to start
    at the roots

    Some years later , when this FIRST generation becomes
    parents of their own 10 year olds , those SECOND generation youngsters will
    have entrepreneurship in their genes !

    This is one way of preparing a GM ( genetically
    modified ) Generation , to which , there ought to be all round support


    hemen parekh

    20 Oct 2015


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    would be really interesting to see how this takes shape. in fact all states in India should compete with each-other to achieve this startups, not just at Govt level but at every leave of society. Doing so will give birth to the companies from India that will have capacity to grow to the leave of Google & Facebook…

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