Leadsquared: A Product Startup for Better Sales Lead Management

Founded by Nilesh Patel and launched in 2013, LeadSquared is a sales acceleration software used by businesses to increase their selling velocity and retain customer mind share.

Team Leadsquared

Team Leadsquared

Its technology helps business setup a lead capture automation system that they claim will bring down the lead leakage to zero. They can use lead distribution engine to ensure inquiries are responded faster. Marketing automation helps businesses engage and nurture leads via email and SMS to build and retain mindshare with leads and customers. Lead scoring helps sales and marketing identify prospects that are most interested in buying the customer’s product or service.

Key Features of the Product

LeadSquared is being used by marketing and lead generation teams to capture, manage and nurture leads for their businesses. With this software, users can seamlessly capture leads from all sources – inbound email, online campaigns, phone calls, website, chat, lead generation websites and more.

The software helps increase traffic to lead conversion with mobile responsive landing pages and website widgets. Further, users can get deep insights on campaigns and lead sources driving qualified leads for their business. Also, they can get clarity on factors that drive revenue – lead sources, sales people, product and service offerings and more.

Problems Addressed by Leadsquared

Leadsquared is designed to solve the problem of mismanagement in lead prioritization and the inability of companies to monitor their leads properly.

How is it Different from its Competitors?

LeadSquared combines marketing automation with the most-used components of CRM. This approach obviates the need of a CRM for a vast majority of businesses, as both marketing and sales now have complete context to each lead within one common view. Lead capture automation eliminates lead leakage completely by making it easier for businesses of all sizes to capture leads from all online and offline sources. Businesses don’t need to use three or four systems to run their marketing and sales operations.

Customer Traction Summary

LeadSquared is being used by over 4000 users to capture, manage and nurture leads. The software is being put to use by varied businesses like marketing agencies, IT businesses, education, financial services, tours & travel, health and wellness and more. Hundreds of new businesses are getting registered in India every day. All of these are SMEs or micro businesses.

It has a subscription based model wherein customers pay per use.

On Investment

The initial round was through private investors and LeadSquared raised $1.2 million . The money was invested in building technology and hiring. The venture is now planning to raise USD 10 million to expand and build the business.

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