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Google Attempts to Fuel its Messaging Game with Who’s Down

Google has just dropped its new app called ‘Who’s Down‘. It’s an invite-only app that simply shows your peers whether you are “down” to hang out — presumably, once you have confirmed that you are indeed “down,” your friends nearby will see that status and include you in whatever activities they have planned out.


Once you have confirmed you’re “down,” you can put up a status message to say just what you’re “down” for, be it a football match or a house party. The app also has group chatting features which can be used for co-ordination.

The app is similar to Apple’s Find My Friends app and Foursquare’s Swarm app. However, the none of the two lets you say you are ‘down’ for a particular activity. Also, this app is at present, invite-only, and the app’s page on Google Play doesn’t have a whole lot of detail on how exactly things work beyond the included screenshots.

GIven that Google has not yet revealed any meaty details about how exactly the app would work, one can only speculate possibilities like – its features could migrate to Google’s Hangouts app (around 5 million users)which succeeded Gtalk.

‘Who’s Down’ looks like the company’s effort connect people with a messaging app, an increasingly fertile space where Google is comparatively lagging behind its competitor, Facebook -Messenger( over 700 million active users till June 2015) & WhatsApp(over 900 million active users).

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