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Giftxoxo Acquires Local Experience Discovery Platform Yipeedo


Giftxoxo and Yipeedo team: Sumit, Kushal, Manoj, Dhiraj and Shalini

Giftxoxo, the experiential gifting company has acquired Yipeedo, a start-up focussed on helping city dwellers to discover and book leisure activities. Giftxoxo owns mobile app Frogo.

As per the deal, founders of Yipeedo, Shalini Nautiyal and Dhiraj Kathuria will bring their software product development experience to the Frogo team and spearhead the product together with the Giftxoxo founders. Shalini will join the board as Product Head, Dhiraj will take over as Technology Head.

Talking about the deal, Abhishek Kumar, Co-founder Giftxoxo said, “Giftxoxo has forayed into the large consumer activities, experiences and interesting professionals discovery and booking market through its mobile app Frogo. Through this acquisition, Frogo would be able to expand its services at a faster pace and build a robust platform. While Giftxoxo is growing steadily in the gifting of experiences business, Frogo ll be executed at a large mass consumer market across India by connecting consumers for their daily entertainment and interests.”

Sumit Khandelwal, Co-Founder of Giftxoxo talking about the deal said, “Together we look forward to taking the combined entity to new heights as we help ease discovery and booking that leaves enduring memories for our customers. We plan to elevate the user experience of our customers.”

Yipeedo was launched in its beta web version in mid-2014. It is a recommendation engine that uses cognitive computing and machine learning to build taste graphs for its users. Using these, it helps consumers discover activities, such as movies, events, food and much more to do within their city, in a manner that clubs local businesses nearby and is personalized to the user’s taste. It service also helps users to formulate a plan that may involve multiple activities using these recommendations. It helps manage multiple activities into an experience that is personalized to meet a user’s lifestyle choices and preferences. The startup was a member of the 3rd batch of NASSCOM 10,000 start-ups and a Season 7 graduate of VentureNursery, India’s first angel backed accelerator.

Founded in May 2012, by Sumit Khandelwal, Manoj Agarwal, Kushal Agrawal and Abhishek Kumar, Giftxoxo is a platform where a user can book an experience to gift to their loved ones. These experiences range from adventure sports to hobby classes to meals at restaurants and spa sessions.

In talks with iamwire, the company had mentioned about their plans of upgrading their technology so as to provide a better customer experience.

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