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Exclusive: Diabetes Companion App HealthPlix Raises Rs.1.6Cr in Angel Funding

Diabetes Companion App HealthPlix Raises Rs.1.6Cr in Angel Funding, Image Source

Diabetes Companion App HealthPlix Raises Rs.1.6Cr in Angel Funding, Image Source

Founded in October 2014, Bengaluru-based diabetes companion app, HealthPlix has raised Rs.1.6 crore in angel round of funding from two senior executives of global corporations and a High Networth Individual based in Bangalore. The money has been used to build the technology and product. The startup also intends to go for institutional round of funding shortly in the next couple of months (in talks with a few VCs).

The company was started by Raghuraj Sunder Raju. Its Android app allows users to manage their diabetes and enables them to regularly monitor and track their vital health parameters like receive reminders to track blood sugar, blood pressure, HbA1c, insulin intake, meal deviations and activity duration. Also, user can add doctor and have their vitals and medical reports reviewed by them on-the-go, and receive their response to any question on diabetes care.

Using the app, people can organize their reports on diabetes care and receive tips on diabetes management from doctors. Talking about their product, Raghuraj told iamwire that, “Our product was in beta mode since the last 2 months. We are preparing for a full-fledged customer reach-out from first week of November 2015.”

During the beta launch, the startup got around 30 diabetologists/endocrinologists to use the product to connect with and treat their patients through its platform. It charges a fee to the patients for more personalized care of their chronic condition and for their periodic follow-ups.

The players like Practo, Healthifyme, Lybrate and Diabeto are in the adjacent space in India. HealthPlix directly competes with firms like Glooko, Omada Health, MySugr and OneDrop, some of them will be entering India in the coming months. The company want to cover atleast 2% of the total diabetic patients in India in the next eighteen months.

Disease burden of diabetes is rising at a rapid rate due to mismanagement and the resultant health complications. WHO estimates that globally 9% of adults aged above 18 years have diabetes. Globally, India is ranked 2nd in terms of number of people (65 million) affected with Diabetes (figures for urban India are even more alarming with 1 in 5 people in urban India being diabetic).
Diabetes is the single biggest non-communicable disease prevalent among the Indian population. The per capita annual spend for diabetes treatment in urban areas is Rs. 10,000 and in rural India it is hovering around Rs. 6,500.

Good management of diabetic condition would mean prevention of serious health complications such as nephropathy (kidney failure), neuropathy (diabetic foot which leads to amputation), retinopathy (leads to blindness), stroke, heart ailments, among others. HealthPlix’s focus is on helping patients to avoid such complications.

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