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Exclusive: Crowdsourced Delivery Startup mShipper Raises Seed Funding

Co-founded in September 2015, by Ranvijay Singh (CEO), Saurav Sagar (COO), Vishwa Bhaskar (CMO) and Kamlesh Kumar Chaurasiya (CFO), New Delhi-based mShipper is a crowdsourced delivery platform that connects senders to shippers. The startup has raised a seed round of $77K (Rs.50 lakh) from a Delhi based Angel, Vijai Laxmi. The funds will be used on product enhancement, advertising as well extend its operations in Delhi/NCR. Currently, the company is live with its beta version and its Android app is about to be launch very soon.

Both the users (senders & shippers) can create their profile on mShipper & get it verified by uploading their respective identity and address proofs followed by a physical verification. Once verified, a user (sender) can book a package from one location to another as well as can search for Shippers in Delhi. If there is any shipper scheduled on the route they can send a request to carry the package.

If the Shipper accepts the request, the sender will have to Escrow funds (booking value of the package, as of now being calculated based on the distance). ‘Escrow’ is a financial instrument held by a third party on behalf of the other two parties in a transaction. After making payment, sender will receive a pickup passcode, and shipper is assumed to pick the package within next 30 minutes.

Once Shipper is there at Pickup Location, the sender will share with him the pickup passcode, so that Shipper can enter it into his logged in profile to make Pickup Successful and a delivery passcode is automatically generated and sent to the sender again.

Now Shipper will move towards the delivery location, meanwhile the Sender will share the delivery passcode to recipient so that after arrival of the Shipper on the delivery location, recipient will share him the delivery passcode. Shipper will again enter the delivery passcode to the system via his own login credentials, if matched, The delivery will be successful and the escrowed funds will be credited to shipper’s wallet.

After Delhi, the startup will try to get engaged with users in more Tier 1  cities. It also plans to offer Package APIs to small business owners, E-com and M-com sites so that they can also book their customers delivery packages automatically on mShipper’s system and get it delivered.

The other players operating in the space are RoadRunnr, Parcelled, Pickingo, Delhivery, EcomExpress and E-Kart. On-demand delivery market in India is going to expand exponentially in the near future. With an existing market size of billion dollar, this is going to bring the next big disruption in the eCommerce ecosystem. eCommerce firms like Flipkart and Amazon will also be kicked by hyper local commerce disruption, who have already started innovating in the area of hyper local deliveries. Moreover, the competition is not only restricted to eCommerce ecosystem but it also prevails in online transportation service sector and food delivery sector.

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