Top 8 Rising Tech Unicorns of China

In 2015, before the emergence of “capital winter”, how aggressive was the Internet economy? High finance becomes nothing but ordinary and overspending is common everywhere. A series of new faces have joined the “unicorn” companies (whose market values exceed $1 billion) even before going public.

In recent years, high finance frequently appears and market values of companies increased rapidly. Within the 50 “unicorns”, besides magnates like Xiaomi, Meituan, etc., numerous new faces make themselves well known. For these startup companies, their values reached $1 billion in a flash. Some of them have the backup of tycoon; some rely on their favored products; some are just good at seizing opportunities. However, the Internet market has always been fickle and who will survive and thrive? We’ll see about that. Here are 8 such companies which are growing big

1. Ant Financial


Ant Financial is Alibaba Group’s finance arm. Source

Valuation:$45 Billion
Founded In:October, 2014

Alibaba’s Ant Financial was founded on the grounds of Ali Micro Loan, their businesses include Alipay, Yu’E Bao, Zhaocai Bao, Ant Micro and Mybank among others. In July, Ant Financial declared the completion of Series A funding of $12 billion, introducing 8 new investors including National Social Security Fund and CDB Capital Its value of assessment has reached $45 billion and is abreast of Xiaomi and Uber.

2. Didi Kuaidi Joint Co.


Didi Kuaidi is China’s taxi service. Source

Valuation:$16 Billion
Founded In:February, 2015

Didi Kuaidi was established on Valentine’s Day in 2015. The combination of the two taxi companies who had been madly overspending makes Didi Kuaidi enormously powerful, whose opponent at once becomes Uber. The Alibaba and Tencent backed company has raised a funding of $4.4 billion till date.

3. DJI


Drone manufacturer DJI Source

Valuation: $8 Billion
Founded In: 2006

Founded by Tao Wang in 2006, the products of aviation tech startup DJI have covered most of the components and parts in aircraft. In January, 2013, DJI launched DJI Phantom drone, opening an extensive field in non-professional drone market. In May 2015, DJI was funded $75 million by Accel Partners and their valuation reached $8 Billion.

4. Zhongan Insurance Company


Insurance firm. Source

Value of Assessment:$8 Billion
Founded Time:2013

Zhongan Insurance might be unfamiliar to the public, but they are not to be ignored at all. It’s an online insurance firm that was founded by Chairmen of Alibaba, Tencent, and Pingan Insurance Company respectively. It raised 6 billion in June of 2015, and its valuation now is 50 billion (nearly $8 Billion).

5. APUS Group


China Based APUS Group Looking to Invest $15M in Indian Startups. Source

Valuation: $1.5 Billion
Founded In: June 2014

In June, 2014, APUS Group was established and just one month later, they raised 100 million RMB in series A funding when they released their products. Soon after that in January 2015, APUS declared another $100 million funding in series B. By 2015 September, APUS has gotten a total of 250 million users worldwide and is valued at $1.5 Billion.

APUS Group focuses on the overseas market and 90% of their users are from abroad. Their main products include APUS Launcher, APUS Boost, APUS Search, APUS Discovery, etc.




Valuation: $1 Billion
Founded In: April 2009 was founded in 2009 and has been focusing on take-out food for six years. At present, it is one of the most significant companies in take-out O2O. Its investors include Tencent and SequoiaThe Founders of, Haoxu Zhang, Jia Kang started their business right after graduation and they have a pretty young team,.


Valuation: $1 Billion
Founded In: September 2009 is a liquor-related eCommerce company in China, who focuses on import and online retailing of reputed liquor brands internationally, nationally, and regionally.

In July 2015, announced they’ve raised $80 million in series G funding from a joint investment by MXCF.CN, etc. This brings’s total raised capital to $225 million.

8. Fangdd

Valuation: $1 Billion
Founded In: 2011

In September 2015, Fangdd, a real estate eCommerce company and member of Dark Horse Club, declared they’ve raised $223 million in Series A funding. They are backed by Lightspeed, Vision Knight Capital, FountainVenture and CDH Capital. 

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