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Atomberg Technology: A Native Startup that Manufactures Energy Efficient Fans

India is a hot bed for startups. According to the latest report by NASSCOM, almost 3 to 4 startups take birth everyday in this ecosystem. However, notably, there remains a huge gulf between the number of internet-based startups and hardware startups in the country. While the former is evidently surging, the latter is still struggling. The case could be attributed to poor infrastructural facilities for research & development and the fact that scaling is a tough nut to crack in this segment. Nevertheless, the Indian startup ecosystem has never failed to realize the potential of hardware startups. And with the launch of initiatives like ‘Make in India’, the country has unleashed a stream of opportunities for this category of budding enterprises.

team atomberg

Founded by Manoj Meena and Sibabrata Das in 2012, Atomberg Technology is modern hardware company which aspires to combine the attributes of energy efficiency and emerging trends like IOT to come up with smart, intelligent and connected electrical appliances that will bring hitherto unheard levels of comfort to the consumers.

The company has already established a distributor network in Gujarat, Maharashtra and West Bengal. By December, it will also have distributors in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana.


In today’s world of household appliances, there is a massive gap. On one hand, we have appliances which have standard features, but consuming a lot of electricity in the process. On the other hand, there are energy efficient appliances which simply cannot compete with others in terms of design, looks, price etc. Atomberg Technologies was founded to address this gap. “We want to create products which have the highest energy efficiency, but are also the best in each and every parameter”, maintains Sibabrata.

About Gorilla- Atomberg’s First Product

Gorilla is Atomberg’s first product in the consumer appliances segment. As claimed by the company, it is India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan, consuming just 25W, as compared to the majority which consumes 75W. The product has been created using high quality super efficient BLDC motors. It also comes with a smart remote and currently has the highest air delivery efficiency in the market, maintains

the company. But, while we believe that energy efficiency is important, we aim to create a next generation smart fan which can communicate with the AC, and will also come with stunning looks and can be controlled by a smartphone. The development of the next version of Gorilla is already on in full flow.

Problems, the Startup Attempts at Solving

India’s Energy Crisis– 22% of Indians do not have access to electricity. If all fans in India are replaced by Gorilla, 5 Crore Indians will get access to electricity, even if there is no increase in electricity generation

Consumer Comfort– The company believes that Indian consumers are not getting the level of comfort they deserve from the household appliances. Creating smart, intelligent and connected electrical appliances will increase that comfort level manifold

Price Structure

MRP of Gorilla is Rs 3500, and in case of bulk order, the company re-works on the price depending on case to case.

Traction Details

Within a month of launching, the company has closed an order of 3000 units.

Where is its Manufacturing Unit Located?

The product’s design, assembly and quality check is carried out in its Mahape Plant at Navi Mumbai. It has a current monthly production capacity of 10000 per month. The manufacturing of the different parts is outsourced.

The company has already established a distributor network in Gujarat, Maharashtra and West Bengal. By December, it will also have distributors in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana.

Revenue Model

For every fan it sells, it generates revenue

Market Size

For fans alone, the market size is 4000 crores. There are 4 million fans being sold in India, every year.

The entire appliances market will sooner or later be taken over by smart appliances. So, the opportunity for smart appliances is limitless, believes Das.

Status of Hardware Startups in India

“There are not many hardware startups in India because of the entry barriers. Internet startups can easily be up and running within a few months, but developing a hardware product is way more challenging”, maintains Das. He adds, “developing the prototype can be done in a couple of months, but completing the product is very challenging and time consuming.  There is no second chance to improve the product within a definite time frame. Apart from this, there are challenges like vendor setup, quality measures, procurement and a proper quality check process.  Fortunately we had completed 2 product cycles before and this experience has helped us a lot when we launched Gorilla. But, with policies like Make in India, we believe that in future, India will see a boom in hardware start-up.”

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