A Tech Startup with a Social Cause – Helper4U is Enabling Uneducated Masses Find Jobs

With technology startups easing the search, discovery and engagement of skilled professionals like electricians, plumbers, there is still a space for the highly unorganised sector of employing everyday help with ease. Founded in July 2014, Mumbai based Helper4U is one such online company aiming to become a bridge between unskilled workers and consumers. It is an online database of the uneducated ABCD (Ayaah, Bai, Cook and Driver) and other helpers like security guards, patient care personnel, courier boys, call centre employees, delivery people or something similar to earn money.

Helper4U is an online database of the uneducated ABCD (Ayaah, Bai, Cook and Driver) and other helpers, Image Credit: Facebook

Helper4U is an online database of the uneducated ABCD (Ayaah, Bai, Cook and Driver) and other helpers

The startup aims to enable unskilled workers find jobs at free of cost, while helping employers choose from available candidates, at a minuscule cost. Employers can access the data on computers or mobiles, and immediately call the candidates they like. The firm has also launched an app for Android and iOS users.

The venture has been started by Meenakshi Gupta Jain. She holds an MPhil degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, with a work experience of approximately 25 years behind her, which includes many years of work as a teacher, corporate trainer and eLearning professional. She is also a freelance writer and has some books to her credit. Meenakshi has another site ClickForCoach, which helps students and teachers connect with each other.

“The idea came from the fact my own experience of challenges faced whenever I needed a Helper like a maid, cook, driver etc,” said Meenakshi upon asking where did the idea for the startup come from.

What problems is it solving?

Helpers from bottom of the pyramid need job givers and job givers need these workers, but neither side knows how to reach the other without a middleman. Hence, is facilitating a direct connect between the job seeker and job giver to transform the way job givers can hire the people from bottom of the pyramid, by using the increasing penetration of mobiles and internet.

Monetization model

The startup is bootstrapped so far. It will start raising funds now since the model has been proven and traction has started. Helper4U follows a subscription-based model for the job giver for allowing them access to the contact numbers of job seekers. Clients pay a fees to the startup to facilitate their interview process with suitable job seekers as well as train their staff from to be better employable.

“We can initiate reference check, police verification and other checks for a fees,” mentioned Meenakshi.

Present status and future plans

The company has already registered approx. 2500 job seekers, and 700 job givers. It has 5000 visitors per month and will soon coming up with training and other related services.

Talking about their future plans Meenakshi added that, “We should be able to go pan India by December 2017 and be the preferred choice of job givers looking for unskilled or semi skilled helpers and for Job Seekers from bottom of the pyramid. is trying to connect “the Bharat and the India” using technology, in a way that is beneficial for both.

Market size and Competition 

With approximately 5 crore middle-class households and 25 lakh SMEs, there is vast potential for startups in this space. Organisations like Househelp, Nanojobs, BookMyBai and Honestcollars operate in the similar space.

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