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5 Reasons Why You Should Specialise in eCommerce

eCommerce is growing, so are opportunities for skilled technical professionals

eCommerce is growing, so are opportunities for skilled technical professionals (Source)

eCommerce in India is an ever growing sector, opening up new possibilities as its penetration in the country increases. Its effect has been felt not just in retail, but in other sectors like technology, logistics etc. as well. And as it expands its wings, the need for experienced skilled tech professionals becomes greater. If you are a designer or a developer or run a website development business, you might have already felt this impact. Let’s explore why is this happening so and why gaining specialisation in eCommerce can take you a long way.

The Growing Online Retail Ecosystem


eCommerce in India has taken a major leap in the last half a decade, showcasing an exponential growth braided with high scalability, thereby making itself a multi billion dollar territory. As per ‘The Future of eCommerce: Uncovering Innovation’, a report by ASSOCHAM-Deloitte, the digital commerce market in India has grown steadily from $4.4 billion in 2010 to $13.6 billion in 2014 and is likely to touch $16 billion by the end of 2015.

Especially with the frequent media coverages of online retail businesses raising funds every now and then, the offline retailers and manufacturers also see a huge scope in going online. Where marketplaces like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc. have provided a platform to lakhs of sellers to sell online, eCommerce SaaS companies have offered DIY softwares to create their own stores. Nonetheless, those availing these softwares and those desiring to have their own websites seek help of professional technology specialists to create a great product.

Need for Expertise in Design, Development, Marketing and More

In a common scenario, a lot of business owners who are going online prefer outsourcing most of the work. From backend development to design to SEO to even hiring, there are agencies and freelancers available for every requirement. And since the competition is stiff, how do these professionals differentiate themselves from their peers?

The key lies in developing an expertise to stand out of the lot and cater to the incoming clients better. And since evidently there is a clear demand for experts who understand eCommerce, gaining specialisation and understanding of this technology could take you a long way.

How Would Specialisation in eCommerce Benefit You?

eCommerce is growing, and still has a long way to go. Unlike a conventional website development, an online store creation has more requirements in terms of both resources and skills. And this is where you can make a difference. Not only would you open up a fresh stream of clients but experience the below given benefits too

1. Long Term and Recurring Clients

Mastering a niche skill like eCommerce puts you in a better position to convert clients and deliver to them effectively. Owing to the expertise you have developed, once you have successfully delivered to a few eCommerce clients, they might keep you on a retainer. And this could also increase word of mouth referrals as well.

2. Easy to Build and Innovate

eCommerce sites have many similarities in terms of user interface elements such as shopping carts, product detail pages, etc. They also have a similar back end functionality. By analysing other sites and using frameworks, pattern libraries, themes, and plug-ins you can build an online store faster rectifying the fault areas or adding features to smooth the process and experience of shopping further.

shopify app store (1)

As shown above, platforms like Shopify provide easy options to web designers & developers to make Apps & Themes and sell to a global market. Further, it enhances your chances of becoming a 360 degree agency which not only does web services for clients but also introduces them to a product ecosystem to run a technologically sound eCommerce business.

3. Increased Revenue Streams

eCommerce expertise also gives an opportunity to explore alternative revenue models. One of the biggest challenges faced by web design/development businesses is the constraint of an hourly charge out rate. Profitability is measured by the number of hours charged and the rate at which it is done. However in this case, there is an opportunity to link revenue with the rate of success. Also, other eCommerce enablers like SaaS platforms, logistics companies, ERP providers etc. give an opportunity to enter into a revenue sharing referral model with them & also share client leads with you.

4. Leveraging the Growing Ecosystem

You no longer operate as a stand alone service firm or freelancer, you too become a part of the thriving online ecosystem! This will help you in your own brand building. While you continue to grow your own skills by focussing on one niche, you’ll also learn much more through networking. Shopify alone has a community of 4000+ partners in India who refer & build client stores on Shopify with additional services such as digital marketing, web development & e-commerce consultation. You can develop cross synergies with other non-competing firms operating in the same sector to get in touch with more potential clients through their portal.

5. Growing Your Business with Value Added Services

In an online business, since most of the things are technology driven, it’s easy to expand your offered services to beyond your core skills. Besides backend and design development, your clients would also have the need for SEO, marketing, social media promotions etc. If you are able to support your clients with such add on services, they are bound to value continual investment in you and your firm.

Beyond these benefits, let’s also realise the point that all this would also be exciting. As stated earlier, companies like Shopify which are dedicated to eCommerce development, provide the developers and designers with free courses and tools they can use to implement their skills.

And if you are wondering where to start, this video might give you some bright ideas.

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