5 Enterprise Communication Apps for Startups

With the rise in the competition and considering the fact that new companies with similar offerings are launched all the time, it is highly important to ensure good work to maintain the lead. However, good product is always a result of good communication.

Seamless and effective communication is highly essential for any organisation. Being able to communicate quickly and securely results in smooth running of business. It is important for a startup to have some kind of communication medium to ensure, the work is completed on time. It also helps when someone is working remotely.

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Slack is one such tool which is being used for internal communication to ease the work flow. However, beyond Slack, the following five could also be given a try.

1. Eko

Eko is a New York & Bangkok based company focused on building tools that unlock the full potential of mobile in the workplace. Founded by David Zhang and Korawad Chearavanont in 2012, has raised two rounds of investments. In August 2015, it raised $5.7 million in Series A led by Gobi Partners.

It is a customizable app where a company can put its own logo, name, brand colors, etc as per choice. It is available for iOS, Android, and PC and connects with work email account to sync the contacts. Users can build teams within the app and split conversations based on specific projects or departments.

Eko offers a free standard version and a paid enterprise version that includes a dedicated server, custom app icon, and custom app name.

2. Jive 

Jive is a social communication and collaboration platform providing business software solutions to mobile companies. Founded in 2001 by Matt Tucker and Bill Lynch, Jive allows companies to engage employees, customers, and the social web. It has raised an amount of $69.43M in five rounds of funding, lead investor being Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

A Jive user can follow people, groups and topics on the site. It also provides a ‘recommendation’ feature, which shows recommendations of people in the same company based on shared interests and related areas of expertise. Its ‘Structured Outcomes’ feature informs co-workers of tasks that are complete and which need to be finished.

It offers a free 30 day trial. The company offers three packages namely, Essentials, Essentials+ and Enterprise. The Essentials package costs $12 per user/month, and the Essentials+ package costs $18 per user/month.

3. Yammer

Founded in 2008 by David Sacks, George Ishii and Adam Pisoni, Yammer is a private social network that helps employees collaborate across departments, locations, and business apps. It enables employees to collaborate in real time across departments, geographies, and business applications. It also helps them create groups to collaborate on projects and share and edit documents.

It has raised an amount of $142M in five rounds from a number of investors. It requires a verified company email for a user to join. Microsoft purchased Yammer in 2012. It added a feature that detects employees’ emotions by analyzing sentiments expressed on the network. Sign-up for the basic network is free; the Enterprise Network is $3 per user/month.

4. Convo

Founded in 2012 by Faizan Buzdar, Shehryar Hydri and Sabika Nazim, Convo is a cloud-based interactive business workspace enabling real-time conversations online. It supports 33 file types, the user can share pictures, videos and links in conversations.

It also allows a user to manually highlight parts of an image or link and discuss the microcontent in a thread. It raised a total amount of $6.31 million in four rounds from different investors. The service is available for Android, iOS and desktop. The Basic package for 20 users or less is free. Its Premium package for up to 100 users is $9 per user/month and the company also has an enterprise package.

5. Chatter

Created by Salesforce, Chatter is an enterprise social network that connects every employee with the files, data, and experts they need. It provides a forum for anyone to share insights and propose new ideas. Connect product teams with direct feedback from customers on programs, products, and campaigns. Create and share polls instantly to gauge new ideas. The service also helps track your team and critical projects in the mobile feed. It is available for both Android and iOS version.

Chatter can be used with one CRM license with up to 5000 employees. Chatter Plus integrates social collaboration and costs $15 per user/month.

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