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Big Data Startup Social Media Broadcasts Raises $1M from 500 Startups and Others

Social Media Broadcasts building on its social big data analytics service called Klarity (Source)

Social Media Broadcasts raises funding to build on its social big data analytics service called Klarity (Source)

Hong Kong based social media analytics startup, Social Media Broadcasts has raised its seed funding of $1 million from 500 Startups. The funding also saw participation from veteran local entrepreneurs Danny Yeung, formerly of Groupon and now heading SXE Ventures, and Yat Siu of Outblaze fame.

Raised amount will be used to build on its social big data analytics service Klarity, which it offers to companies of all sizes, including some of the major brands, as reported by Tech in Asia.

Christopher Wong, the CEO of Social Media Broadcasts said, “Our corporate clients include agencies such as GroupM and Omnicom and brands like New Balance and Kagome. Further adding he said, “currently the majority of our clients are in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, such as Japan. However, we are starting to gain traction globally, attracting clients from North America and Europe as well.”

Talking about the service, Wong said, “the firms are using it for better understanding on social performance, benchmarking against competitors, identifying trends, understanding behavior, mapping conversations, and highlighting influencers.”

It tracks social networks like Facebook, YouTube and regional players like Line, WeChat, Weibo, and Youku for its analysis. Earlier this month the company secured $1.49 million in seed funding. It competes with Lamplight Analytics. 

Lamplight Analytics is also a Hong Kong based social data analytics company which was founded by Fergus Clarke, Nathan Pacey and Sam Olsen. As the company claims it analyzes millions of online conversations from social media and traditional media sources to give marketers, strategists and business leaders brighter insights into their audience and help them to make better commercial decisions.

Social Media Broadcasts was founded in 2010 by Stephen Wong and Andy Ann. It is a big data analytics company focused on developing innovative and sophisticated software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies to transform social big data into reliable and actionable intelligence for marketers and professionals.

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