Hiring Platform Raises Seed Round of Funding, a hiring platform for startups and SMEs, has raised an undisclosed amount in its seed round of funding. The funding will be used to expand its development team in Poland, and to also boost its platform expansion in the US.

The investment opportunity for the company just came after being featured on the Product Hunt, a platform for finding new products. After only a few hours of being live, it saw over 2,000 visitors and more than 60 signups to their service. The company has also attracted the attention of Robert Pijselman and Luc Brandts, co-founders of BWise, which was sold to Nasdaq in 2012. Also Aik Deveneijns (former COO of SEOshop) signed up, and he immediately started trying out Recruitee for a few of his clients at LevelUp Ventures.

“I’ve used many ATS systems and software tools for recruitment before, but Recruitee seems to be a tool that really knows how to help SMEs in their hiring needs,” said Aik Deveneijns. With their quick interest, the company got a funding opportunity and, the three will join the company advisory board.

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Recruitee eases the process from A to Z, including promoting job offers, managing candidates, and keeping track of each stage of the recruitment process. It focuses on a personal approach, by allowing users to customize their own career site and job pages. Recruitee has been in the market for eight months, the tool is now being used by 500+ companies in more than 10 countries. The company was founded in 2015 and is based out of Amsterdam.

The firm is on a mission to create a recruiting software that will support recruiters in their needs for finding a better match for their company. It aims at becoming an all-in-one reference point for recruitment.

“We believe that the world of recruitment is changing. People will change jobs more frequently and selecting and recruiting of the right talent will require more resources from existing manager and HR teams. Technology seems to be the backbone of today’s recruitment process. To support the dependence on a professional and efficient recruitment process within the enterprise, HR must continue to advance. HR and recruiters need to move from an email-centric operating model to a service-centric one where the business immediately and always has full access to all relevant candidate details,” says Perry Oostdam, CEO and founder of Recruitee.

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