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Is Your Perfect Domain Name Already Taken? This Infographic Might Help You Own It

A domain name is one’s unique identity on the Internet. To put it simply, it is the address of one’s cyberspace. Selecting a domain name is a fundamental and highly critical decision one takes in establishing onseself on the internet. A domain name will have the most long-term impact on generating site traffic.Therefore, it is advisable to come up with something catchy, that which evokes your business in the mind of anyone who sees it, and is memorable enough for easy recall. But many a time, just after we set our heart and soul on the perfect name for our website, we realise that the domain name has already been registered by someone else. Who else could have set a better example of this crisis than Google’s holding company Alphabet? To read of Alphabet’s story, click here.

Registered domains that don’t have a website associated with them have often been purchased by speculators who are banking on making a profit from buying a name they hope will be irresistible to a future purchaser. In fact, domain names have reached a level of serious commoditization these days. It has emerged as a highly profitable business. Several auction sites have been created to work out a deal between the holder of the domain name and the customer who is willing to buy it. So, if your chosen domain name is an essential part of your brand and company then it’s worth the time and effort to investigate these services in order to obtain it.

Following is an infographic giving insights on how to buy a domain name that is already owned by someone else:


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