Intel Capital Pumps $67M into Chinese Robotics and Data Driven Companies

Intel Capital, the investment and mergers/acquisitions wing of Intel, has declared a $67 million investment in a group of eight Chinese technology companies, dealing in categories ranging from robotics to cloud data.

According to Intel, these  were picked considering the fact that they represent the leading edge of Chinese tech. This move opens a window of opportunities for Intel to strengthen its presence in China, and bolster its own tech infrastructure by exploiting these companies’  individual expertise, reports TechInAsia.

Intel has pumped $67 million in total, but has not released the amount invested in individual companies. The companies which have received investment are-

1.99cloud, a cloud-computing company

2.Bluebank Communication Technology, a device and software developer

3.Shenzhen Hampoo Science & Technology, an electronics design/production firm

4.Ninebot, a personal transportation company

5.Nuovo Film, an electronics production company that makes touch screen panels

6.Shenzhen PraFly Technology, a robotics company

7.AWcloud Technology, a cloud-computing company

8.Telink Semiconductor, a chip manufacturer focusing on Internet of Things tech

This is not Intel Capital’s first big investment in Chinese tech field.  Last year, the group had invested $28 million in five Chinese startups, all focused on wearables, mobile, and home tech.

Earlier this year, Intel Capital’s Managing Director for China, Richard Hsu, had said in a statement that “these past few years have been the most exciting time to be in tech investment in China.”


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