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Government of India to Adopt a Highly Secured Operating System Developed by CAD

Keeping up with the digital revolution taking place across the globe and the very native Digital India campaign intertwined with Make in India, Indian Government has developed a highly improvised and secured version of BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions), an OS whose exclusivity shall be enjoyed only by the government.

The OS has been developed by CAD (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), and its set be launched this month.

The purpose of developing this new OS is to overcome the vulnerabilities that exist in government cyberspace resulting in a number of countless attacks by hackers.

BOSS, which is a linux distribution, is developed with the help of Gujarat Technical University, DRDO and some other private computer manufacturers.

The new OS comes with an easy interface like Microsoft Windows but at the same time, is more secured.

It supports 18 languages including regional languages such as Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam to name a few, reports ABPLive.

On its trial period of three months, the OS could successfully fend itself from all kinds of attacks. Several government agencies including the Army intelligence were given the task to attack it to test its vulnerability status but their attempts went futile.

“It answers government’s need have a fully secure network. Fresh codes unique to the system have been written for the OS. Its source code that makes it safe and secure will have to be guarded at all cost,” sources said.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden had revealed that India was the most scrutinised nation by the US intelligence agencies. While other countries like China started carrying out R&D on news forms of attacks like the Smart dust, Nano technologies and Al, India still lags behind by far.

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