To Impart Computer Learning to the Masses, Government of Haryana Launches E-Vidyavahini

Pushing the ‘Digital India Mission’ forward, Faridabad Deputy Commissioner, Amit Kumar Agrawal has launched ‘E-Vidyavahini’, a  vehicle that will travel to the urban and rural belts of the district imparting computer learning . A total of Rs 35 lakhs have been invested in this bus which has been specially designed to facilitate computer learning on wheels in the district. The bus, which as claimed by Agrawal can enable computer learning to 20 students at a time, is equipped with 20 laptops, one LCD and is connected with Internet facility.

To drive the wheels of this project, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the Deputy Commissioner Faridabad in the capacity of President District Red Cross Society and Gopal Kukreja, President Rotary Club of Faridabad Sanskar.

This on-wheels computer training institute would be traveling through urban as well as rural areas of the district. As per Agrawal, th entire running expenses would be borne by the Rotary Club of Faridabad Sanskar, reports TOI.

To tackle the issue of digital illiteracy which is one of the biggest challenges standing on India’s path to socio-economic development, the Government of India has claimed to make one e-literate person in every Indian household by the year 2020. The target looks daunting as the stats by NASSCOM show that rural households in India alone add upto over 147 million. Nevertheless, one can not undermine the potential of these micro level efforts such as the launch of E-Vidyavahini in Faridabad, in building the foundation of this mission. This project has been fabricated keeping the four essential factors in mind, that are affordability, accessibility, applicability and awareness-building. It will be interesting to see how innovative Government of India’s next step would be in spreading digital literacy across the country, especially, in the remote areas, thereby bridging the stark gap between the urban and the rural demography.

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