Applozic: A Plug n Play Product to Embed Whatsapp-Like Chat Functionality in Your App

Shown Above: Applozic Team

Shown Above: Applozic Team

Mobile apps are seemingly becoming an engagement strategy for most digital businesses. Whatever may be the nature of the service or product, every Internet entrepreneur inevitably does hear the question ‘Do you have a mobile app?’. This is despite of the popular trend that getting app downloads isn’t an easy thing.

Companies invest heavily to get app downloads and to further retain their customers by increasing features to keep them engaged. And since instant messaging is one of the ways to keep users engaged with the business, and among themselves too, an India based company Applozic is trying to bring this functionality for all the apps.

Applozic is a startup which has introduced a ‘Plug & Play Messaging’ library which lets companies add messaging/chat capabilities into their mobile apps and websites without the need to develop or maintain any infrastructure.

Founded in August 2015 by Devashish Datt Mamgain and Adarsh Kumar, the Bangalore based company’s service claims to have a negligible time to set-up or embed with the client’s’ app or web based service and also has a customizable UI which can be modified, as per the client’s requirement.

Talking about the idea to start Applozic, the founders said, “We have worked in location based products for 5 years and have been using google maps which is just ‘plug and play’, companies don’t build their own maps, they just integrate google maps and everything is done. So we thought why can’t the same be done for chat/messaging? And that is when the idea of Applozic came into being.”

What problems is it solving?

Since it is a plug and play messaging library, it is embedded within client’s app and end users are not aware that it is Applozic running behind. For example sites which sell used products such as gadgets, automobiles etc can integrate the Applozic’s service within their mobile apps, where a user who is interested in a particular product can directly chat with its seller (by clicking on the ‘chat with seller’ button).

Building a messaging system costs a huge amount of development cost, effort and time. Applozic reduces the time and money investment of the company to enroll an instant chat service on their platform. It also helps increase user engagement and experience.

What are the key services?

Its messaging library comes along with a customizable user interface. The service is available for Android and Web as of now. Its iOS service will be launched soon. Other features which the service supports are: text message, image capture, send current location, send file attachments, updating users with delivery report, offline support, multi device data sync and also provides chat history as a record.

What is the market size and market opportunity?

“We believe 20% of the overall app market will have messaging capabilities by the end of 2016, so let’s say there are 10 million apps, so 1 million apps will have chat and assuming each app will pay $500 a year to vendors like layer, applozic then we are looking at $500 million opportunity,” said the founders.


The startup is competing with Layer and QuickBlox. As of now it has 3 clients namely: Azuga Telematics, Constapark and OnlinePrasad. The company is in talks with 4 more companies who could be its potential clients.

Monetization Model: Pricing is based on the number of users and the data stored. The company  also provides provisional services for specific customization request.

Talking about their future plans, the founders said that they are looking to hit 100 paying customers by the end of this year and also has plans to expand their service to abroad in the coming few quarters. They aim to open an office in US in Q1, 2016. Currently the company is in its bootstrap phase but is looking out to raise funds in near future.

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