Amazon Soon To Roll Out A 6-Inch Tablet for $50

Pushing the price of its new comer tablet even lower this year, eCommerce biggie Amazon, is set to offer its new 6-inch tablet for $50, which is half the price of the online retailer’s existing 6-inch device.

Walmart is currently offering a 9-inch “Nobis” tablet for $40. And since launching the iPad in 2010, Apple has kept the same $499 price for its standard tablet. Its cheapest tablet currently is a $299 iPad mini. Amazon has the record of beating its competitors on price, and it seems it is making the battle more aggressive by launching this tablet.

 As per reports, Amazon will also offer 8- and 10-inch tablets.  Apple is expected to keep similarly sized products in its own lineup, which currently includes the 8-inch iPad mini and 10-inch iPad Air. In fact, Apple is employing its own technological strategy by blurring the lines between tablets and laptops for business users. On Sept. 9, it is expected to announce a new, 13-inch iPad Pro that could cost more than $1,000.
Commenting on the the Amazon’s way of competing in the market, Jeff Bezos maintained that the company prefers to make money by selling services that work with the devices, like e-books and video rentals.
The company has always sought to undercut its hardware competitors, in part by eschewing profits on the devices themselves.

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