5 Startup Ideas That Could Go Global

Startup boom is being experienced all around the world. What sets apart a startup from others in today’s time is the idea! Venture Capitalists are particularly in search of rarest kind of startup ideas.

While everyone is gunning to create a ‘Global’ startup, there are a few startups that are thriving in their own local space but still holding the potential to work in different markets as well. We have shortlisted following 5 international startups with interesting business models, which could work in India and other countries as well. Have a look


Opentabs is a mobile application which helps its users to skip the queue outside restaurants! Founded by Sebastian Heise, Nicolas Plogert and Dirk Roder in 2012, Germany based Opentabs enables its users to jump the line at their favourite coffee shop, restaurant or take away. Users can place the order with the help of the app and also pick it up without lining up at the register.

All that the users need to do is find nearby cafés, restaurants and bars offering opentabs. Browse the menu in opentabs and add the choices. Make the payment using credit card and collect the order. The app offers direct and streamlined mobile payment service. The online transactions are neither stored on the phone nor the servers, also they are protected with a security PIN code. In September 2014 it raised an undisclosed amount of investment from High-Tech Gruenderfonds. The service is available for both Android and iOS users. 

2. Bellhops

US-based Bellhops is a tech-enabled on-demand service for moving and lifting help from trustworthy students. Founded in 2013 by Cameron Doody and Stephen Vlahos, Bellhops engages local college students who help residential customers in moving and lifting of items. The app eases the ordering, payment and communication between the customers and the Bellhops (college students).

The user needs to make the booking and the service will be available as per user’s convenient time. The user can also change/cancel the booking without having to pay any charges. The company also has an ‘Honor Code’, wherein if the customer is not satisfied with the service or if something is damaged then a partial refund is made by the company. It has raised a total amount of $7.8 million in 4 rounds from 11 investors namely Binary Capital, Alexis Ohanian, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Lamp Post Group, QueensBridge Venture Partners and others.

The service is available for Web, iOS and Android users and in about 125 US cities.

3. Reachr

US based Reachr helps its user’s to find, contact and build relationships with influencers or their industry leaders. Founded by Kevin Creusy, Vivien Garnès, Yann Metz and Alexis Montagne, Reachr is a web based service which provides a platform to the user, where he/she can reach out to thousands of influencers with a single message for any marketing purpose: Outreach, Native Advertising, Partnerships, e-PR, event coverage, etc.

The service has an easy interface which helps the user find and contact influencers. The site refers over 20,000 influencers in every industry. There are over 50 criteria based on location, follower base, engagement, frequency, etc. to streamline the search of the relevant people. Once the user locates all the people, he/she can directly get in touch with them by dropping them a mail.


Germany-based BRDGE helps its users in growing their business network. The startup was founded in 2014 by Daniel Putsche, Jan Pleser, Garrit Schaap and Claas H. Nieraad. Based on matching algorithm, BRDGE suggests other professionals that might be interesting to connect with. If both parties rate each other positively, a business-match is made.

Once a business match is established both users can use the in-app-messaging system of BRDGE to start building their relationship.

All that a user needs to do is choose from the events and start making matches with other attendees, even before the event commences. The service is available for iOS users. Its competitors are Caliber, Weave and Networkr.

5. Wind

US-based Wind is a web based legal technology for everyone. It uses technology to help attorneys quickly and efficiently review electronic data. It gives law firms an access to powerful eDiscovery tools, in a user friendly and design-focussed interface.

A user needs to upload the data completely on the platform which will be fully indexed and searchable in Relativity. With the help of Wind and Relativity, the user can look through millions of documents, using lots of different fields like date, keyword, or author to narrow down massive amounts of material and streamline his/her search process. The company’s pricing model is an all inclusive month-to-month contract.

If you know of any other startup that has an interesting business model or if any one of the above mentioned five has helped you, do let us know in the comments below.

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    Speaking at a Start-Up event at San Jose ( California )
    on 27th Sept, PM Shri Modi said :

    ” When each
    of the 500 odd towns produce 10 Start-Ups and each of our 600,000 villages
    produce six small businesses , on a regular basis , we will create an enormous
    economic momentum and generate a large number of jobs in our country

    I want to see the idea and spirit of Start Ups light up
    the economies and the fortunes of people in rural India ”

    Entirely doable . Consider the following suggestion :

    * Chinese biotechnology
    firm BoyaLife and South Korea’s Sooam Biotech , are constructing in China,
    World’s largest animal cloning factory

    * Production
    will start next year , with an initial capacity for one lakh cattle embryos a
    year , growing to one million per year

    * Dog ,
    racehorse and COW embryos will be

    Obviously , BoyaLife will need to ” rent out
    ” cow-wombs , to grow / nurture these embryos

    And that is THE OPPORTUNITY , to be seized by our rural
    Start-Ups !

    By setting up , ” Surrogate Cow Farms ” of 10
    cows each

    Then renting out these cow-wombs to BoyaLife , for $
    1,000 per surrogacy ( In city of Anand – Gujarat , human wombs can be rented
    out for $ 15,000 )

    One million cow-wombs will earn these rural Start Ups ,
    $ 1,000 million / year !

    At 10 cows per Start Ups , 100,000 Start Ups will be
    born !

    Raising our EXPORT earnings by $ 1,000 million !

    And nothing should stop these rural Start Ups from
    importing embryos of Dogs and Racehorses , and then re-exporting fully grown
    pets to Europe / America !

    I only hope , some MORAL POLICEMEN do not start a
    controversy by shouting :

    ” How can
    we allow our holy Indian cows , to bear the unholy Chinese cattle embryos in
    their wombs , when we just banned our surrogate human mothers to carry the
    embryos of Foreign citizens ? ”

    Of course , it is another story that these very same
    ” moralists ” have no love lost for the prostitutes who are forced to
    ” rent out ” their very human bodies , in order to survive !

    One last request to the concerned Ministers /
    Secretaries in NDA government :

    Please , include these ” Surrogate Cow Farms
    ” in your definition of Start Ups in your proposed ” Start Up Policy
    Document ”

    It is another matter that , each and every jobless individual
    ( not earning a salary from some other individual or organization ) , and
    struggling to become self-employed , must qualify as a Start Up


    hemen parekh

    27 Nov 2015


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    I work with TOOLER, a New Delhi based app that provides professional services of laundry and dry cleaning. The app has spread its market in the capital and has been named as ‘Uber of Handymen’ and future oyo of laundry and dry cleaning services. The app helps users to book quick and most affordable washing and cleaning services for their clothes at just a tap with real time tracking and 24×7 customer care support.

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    I want someone to cover my Start-up “C-World”…for the understanding lets say its a Startupville

    C-World is an innovation, that will help people with new idea on start-up to come up. Many a times it happens that, people have interesting business or start-up ideas, but they don’t come out with it. They have no idea how much worth there idea is. There idea can create next billion $ company. So, C-World allows user to open there virtual Start-up and enhance it infront of other users. With virtual Start-up in there hand, users will go for virtual funding. There are virtual investors in C-World, which would provide them virtual fund. Real Start-ups will be acting as virtual investors in C-World. In this way real Start-ups will get ultimate promotion. USP of C-World is that users will definitely see the offers and services or history of real Start-up. Without interacting with offers and services, they won’t get virtual fund. Virtual fund will be used to promote that idea to more and more users. Also there are all the general things Start-ups go under(All virtually). Moreover, all virtual Start-ups will be under review everytime by chain of mentors, which will critically decide there status and will provide them with mentorship when ever needed. Yes, I am talking about a social network for existing Start-ups and upcoming Start-ups!!

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