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3D Interior Designing Startup Furdo Fetches $400K from Indus Homes’ CEO

Furdo, a Bengaluru-based startup which employs 3D visualization for home furnishing, is now backed by Bhavadeep Reddy, CEO, Indus Homes Pvt. Ltd. with an angel investment of $400k.

The online home furnishing market moves towards personalization to create a differentiator (source)

The startup operates via a model which involves customers to choose from many of the available home decor themes on their platform and uploading their floor plans. The company then shares the 3D model of the interior design after charging Rs. 10,000 per selected theme from the user with claimed satisfaction.

The process also offers customization of the home decor themes as per clients, where everything in the 3D design is available for ordering online from Furdo. Further, it offers implementation and supports complete personalization as per requirements. It also works with other partners for sourcing the products chosen by the customers.

Furdo’s investor Bhavadeep Reddy strongly believes in the approach and explains, “I have witnessed the consumer problem at very close quarters, even experienced it myself. When Kiran showed me the 3D visualisation, I could see that it has a potential to change the face of Interior Design. If all customers, could walk through their Furdo-designed virtual homes, before making any expensive purchase, it would make their interior design dilemma go away.”

The company was started by Kiran Singh (Chief Design Office), Ishwar Sundararaman(CEO) & Arvind Singh(COO) in January 2015. You can check out their demo link below.

The company differentiates itself from other home furnishing eCommerce players in the market by offering a theme based customization, supported by 3D modeling, for they maintain that it will help customers to substantially reduce the setup cost and arrive at a more satisfying result.

The online home décor market in the country is expected to grow at 50.42% CAGR between 2014 and 2019 as per TechNavio. Other startups competing in this space include,, which raised $1 million from Astarc Ventures in Pre-Series A; a mobile based startup called Houzify raised angel investments from Mohandas Pai and Naveen Tewari.

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