Parcelled: A Logistics Startup that Picks, Packs and Delivers Your Parcel from Your Doorstep

Founded in 2014, Parcelled is an on demand courier service which picks and packs items from users’ doorstep and delivers them across the country. The users just have to schedule a suitable pickup time on / App  and mention the courier pick-up location. Once the request is confirmed, a pickup agent will pack and pick up the item for shipping. Thereafter, users will get end to end tracking and delivery notifications of the item.

When was Parcelled founded and by whom?

The origin of this Bangalore-based company dates back to November 2014. It is the brainchild of a team of 5- Prateek, who takes care of marketing; Rikin and Nikhil who handle the tech division; Abhishek, who monitors all the operations and Xitij, who makes sure the company renders quality service to its customers.

What led to the conception of this business idea?

“In today’s fast paced world, the most valuable thing is not money but time. A lot of our time gets wasted in traveling to post offices and then standing in queue, let alone the labour that goes into packing the item.

We saw it as an opportunity and wanted to end this pain point for customers which no one else was doing. So, when you use Parcelled, you don’t have to think about anything. You just have to place an order which is hardly a 2 minute process and we will be there at your requested time and the place of your convenience. Could it be any easier?”, said Puneet Chauhan, the company’s BDM.


With a couple of taps, a customer can schedule a pick up, and within 30 minutes the item is picked up, packed and shipped.

Packaging customization and paperwork are all taken care of by packaging wizards from Parcelled. Users can place their requests through the company’s website or the app or even drop a call to the customer helpdesk. Placing a request is not chargeable on any terms.

In case of any exigency, users may opt for Parcelled’s Rush Services which delivers all intra-city courier within 6 hours.

Parcelled has tie-ups with almost every logistics player like Delhivery, Fedex, Bluedart etc. So, after the item is picked up, the package is handed over to its partners for delivery. The company maintains a timeline by following up and coordinating with the partners.

What problems is it solving?

The company brings transparency and convenience to users in the entire shipping process. Before scheduling a pick-up, the user gets to see all the relevant information required for him/her to take a decision: delivery time, cost etc.

With doorstep pick-up and packaging facility, a user can schedule a pick-up from anywhere without even having the tools to courier.

Similarly, with the company’s “30 minutes pickup” promise, the user has the freedom to not have to plan anything in advance. He/she can book a pick-up on the fly whenever they want.

Traction details

From 2 digit orders a day back in April, the company is now handling 2,500+ orders a day, delivering to over 20,000 pin codes.

Monetization model

The startup works on bulk rates with its delivery partners and transfer the same benefit to the consumer. Above that, it charges a convenience fee that is calculated based on various factors like the nature of courier, the location etc., for the pick-up and packaging services that it provides.

Its reach

Its pick-up services are currently available only in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur and Bangalore, but it delivers across the country.

Parcelled is looking forward to establish its presence in 50 cities by the end of the year.

Common logistical challenges faced by the company

“Courier is not a straightforward process currently. A single shipment can have a lot of hurdles and exceptions in transit. Since our systems are still improving based on our learnings, we have to handle most of these exceptions manually. Sometimes we spend nights to make sure that one important shipment from the consumer gets delivered in time.

Another challenge that we face is uncertainty. Everyone sees the 30 minutes pick-up promise that we make, but what they miss is the effort that goes behind fulfilling that promise. Our Field Executives go through heavy traffic jams, random rains and what not and still reach the user’s place in time,” states Puneet.

On fund raising

Parcelled is backed by Traxcn labs and Delhivery. The raised capital is being used for bolstering the tech and building strategies to spread its presence.

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    eCourierz is the best among all as they provide pick up services with multiple options & that too at very much affordable rates .Their support team is very prompt .

  2. 2

    Parcelled already has a Mumbai based competitor MyPacco which works on similar line although they do not give packaging facility, but they are doing pickup from PAN India and delivering PAN India

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