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Shown Above : Yahavi's Team

Shown Above : Yahavi’s Team

What is 

It launched on January 19th, 2015 and went live on May 30th, 2015. is the brain child of Mr. Divyesh Sharma. He is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer at He has experience of six years working with companies in diverse areas like Consulting, Telecom, Information Technology Services, Real Estate, Hospitality, Fitness and Wellness.

An IIM Calcutta Graduate, Divyesh started his career quite early at the age of 20 and has worked in firms like CSE and Pizza Hut. His last tenure was at which he quit to start Yahavi.

How does it work?

Yahavi is a one-stop talent discovery platform that helps artists to discover the right opportunities week-in, week-out along with connecting them directly with the right people, be they promoters, fans or audiences, without any charge. The startup wants to solve all the issues surrounding an artist starting from creating a market for performances, to getting opportunities to showcase their talent, ensure they earn and they even ensure there is engagement with fans. For the company, an artist is the central subject and it aims to highlight them in every way possible.

The platform aspires to crunch down the engagement of various middlemen who try to monetize the artwork of a struggling artist. Thus, making an artist’s journey of self-discovery a little more rewarding and simultaneously ensuring direct access to consumers.

The only criteria to register on Yahavi’s platform is being an artist. There is no registration fee for artists signing-up on the platform.


The company is primarily based out of Delhi. In the meanwhile, it is also setting up offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Currently, Yahavi is a team of 40 people following a flat organisational structure with two levels. The core team heads business, operations, products and marketing with support from the specialists in each department.


Yahavi has raised a seed capital of $1 million, till now.

Traction Numbers

The company has already bagged more than 5000 musicians, solo performers, bands from all across Delhi-NCR and now it has opened registrations in Mumbai as well. It aims to have 10000 musicians signed-up across India by August 25th, 2015. In later stages Yahavi’s plan to get dancers and stand-up comedians on board by November. By December, it plans to go international starting with South East Asia.

At the moment, the company has close to 2000 musicians registered on Yahavi from Delhi NCR alone and 2000 from across the country.

Monetization Model

The company plans to generate revenue through subscription and ad sales. In the next one year the firm is not targeting any revenues, its main aim is to build the platform through registrations across demand and supply side.

Market size and market opportunity?

At present, in India there are already some demand centers that are receptive to the concept of live performances and the market is evolving. This concept is further expanding with the launch of new restaurants and pubs across cities.This has further motivated people to take performance arts as a serious professional career. As per Yahavi’s evaluation of the market, the revenue generation in this market is close to Rs.1000 crore per year.

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