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Video Blogging: The Next Marketing Approach

Author: Zafar Rais, CEO, MindShift Interactive

Blogging is on the rise and quite a familiar profession lately. We are all aware of blogs and their importance in this information age. Blogging has become a part of every brand’s marketing strategy; high-quality blog content undeniably increases the amount of visitors to website.  The latest trend attached to this technique is video blogging or Vlogging and it will help in increasing the engagement ratio towards brands. This trend basically expresses personal thoughts and views towards a particular product or a service and is very popular in the lifestyle and luxury space. According to an infographic from a influencer marketing platform The Shelf, 92 percent of consumers trust advice from other people—even if they don’t know them personally—over promotional content that comes directly from brands.

Internet users have a short attention span, if your content is not entertaining, then the chances of people moving on increases. The engagement ratio is higher with photos and videos than with static text, so it becomes all the more essential to create content which is more interactive with the right use of visuals. The more the engagement, higher the chances of potential clients to get attracted towards  your brand. High-quality in this case refers to being interesting and appropriate for the target audience.

It’s easy and convenient to have a video blog now days as each one of us have a smartphone, a laptop, etc. which makes it quite easy with the help of inbuilt cameras. A small camcorder, a tripod and a small clip-on mic are just about all you need to start shooting quality amateur video. Video blogs also have the same aim of sharing content with users, but the format is different, and the posts revolve around video information.

A video blogger is a huge and avid YouTube user. Earlier, video blogs were just made to create fun content but today with the increase in the number of videos going viral, brands too have picked up this opportunity to market themselves.

Today, advertisers struggle to showcase themselves and connect with their target audience. This leads to a different tool that takes the social media influencers’ route. Influencers such as Ricky Dhillon, Lakshmi Rebecca, Miss Malini, etc. are few popular video bloggers who have a huge fan base on various social media platforms. Such influencers offer brands the ability to strengthen their messages at a fairly low cost and reach out to a larger audience. Brands’ motive of working with an influencer is to build their integrity on social media platforms and to turn their marketing activity into a more serious engagement through personal conversations. With consumer’s increasingly viewing and sharing content online, this tactic has only become more popular.

A video can create or define your brand identity. It helps in the brand recall process and serves as a huge opportunity to become popular amongst your target audience. Getting your video content right for your audience is more of an art than a science. The companies who get it right are the ones who have a good understanding of their company image and how they are perceived by their audiences. Users’ demands for more and more palatable content have created a different niche for Vlogging.

Among brands that have connected or have used Vlogging technique are Za cosmetics, Lancome, JW Marriott, etc. and they have made use of varied platforms like Vine, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to connect with their target audience. A new entrant, Snapchat is also becoming quite popular among the youth today. There are currently 100 million active users on Snapchat and is a very engaging platform.

Video has vast potential in terms of promoting your brand – a high quality style production or a video produced on a Smartphone; the skill lies in the content and the timing. In this pool of social media platforms and plethora of tools and options, engaging on the right platform is of utmost importance in order to bring more crowd for efficient brand management.

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