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Reliance Communications Partners with Jasper to Strengthen IoT Infrastructure in India

Reliance Communications and Jasper, a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform has come into partnership to manage and monetize Next-Generation IoT businesses. Reliance is Jasper’s only telecom partner in India.
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This partnership pairs the capabilities of Reliance’s 11 data center facilities and its Global Cloud Exchange (Cloud X) platform with Jasper’s global IoT services platform to enable enterprises to capitalize on IoT services.

Further, this move has been made to strengthen the country’s infrastructure to enable an advanced platform for the development of IOT projects under the Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ initiative.”Businesses throughout India- as well as India’s own infrastructure and services—are undergoing a massive transformation. Reliable networks, innovative Cloud computing and scalable IoT platforms are critical to enabling this revolution,” said Bill Barney, CEO, Reliance Communications and Global Cloud Xchange, reports ET.

As per the report, Reliance Group companies will be the anchor clients for the IoT rollout in India. The company is in talks with multiple clients and state governments across India for the deployment of this platform. A dedicated technical team from Reliance and Jasper will be managing the phased roll-out of IoT services across the country.

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