Koding Raises $10M to Drive Faster Development with its Cloud-Based IDE

Koding,  a startup that has created a cloud-based integrated development environment in which developers can quickly start writing and debugging code has announced an investment of  $10 million from Ari Zilka.

Along with the announcement of the fund raising, the startup has launched a new service that teams of coders can use to get instant access to customized stacks of development tools, compute infrastructure to build on, integration with services like GitHub, audio and video chat.

With Koding, companies can conduct remote interviews or have employees in different time zones troubleshoot each other’s code, among several other things which owes to the fact that the company’s technology is not dependent on one person’s setup. Every process is carried out inside a virtual machine (VM) that multiple people can work on together.

Koding’s Co- founder, Devrim Yasar opines that the real appeal is economizing on the amount of time it takes for developers to get comfortable writing code. Cutting down on time taken to complete a process is what every company is looking for.

Commenting on the product, Zilka said, “It’s communications, collaboration, and provisioning in one, across all platforms,” reports Venture Beat.

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