Home Services Apps: Panacea to Woman’s Household Dilemmas

Author: Aseem Khare, CEO and Founder, Taskbob

A recent report by Yahoo states that the usage of mobile apps in the country has progressed by 135%, surpassing the global app usage figures. This clearly shows the level to which smartphones and applications have seeped into the lives of people. Thankfully, people’s usage of smartphones has derived new meaning beyond just checking their mail and their social media status.

For women especially, mobiles and apps seem to have become indispensable, thanks to the fact that they are simplifying and speeding up their lives like never before. With women simultaneously taking charge of home and office and trying their best to balance the act, their being net-savvy has meant that several household demands that they otherwise had to run around to meet, are now getting resolved with a few clicks. Whether it is shopping for that birthday gift at the last hour, stocking the kitchen with milk and groceries, or fixing that leaking tap – it is all made possible through the smartphone that is offering accessibility to solutions for all these needs which is exactly what the busy modern woman of today desires!

Home services have found their way to the digital space wherein everything from repair services for TV, computer etc. and handyman services of plumber or carpenter to cleaning and chauffeur services, are now available on the smartphone, serving as a boon to the perennially taxed for time woman. Not surprisingly, she is increasingly turning to such apps that solve all her home-related problems in a snap.

Statistics claim that 70% users of such apps are women and with the onset of monsoon, the apps have recorded a 40% rise in women consumers. Safety and security of using these apps is one of the main reasons why women are steadily gaining an interest in them.

So what exactly are home services apps remedying for the discerning woman consumer?

  • Trustworthy Services:

The apps are building trust as women consumers are always perturbed of the servicemen entering their homes with a bag of tools. Home services app companies usually adhere to a stringent process of hiring servicemen based on experience and expertise as well as background checks. This has helped ensure loyalty and trust for their services among women making them their preferred choice of solving household problems.

  • Certified Professionals:

The servicemen that the home services apps provide are certified professionals. They are shortlisted after a round of personal interviews, technical and soft skill tests as well as training programmes that include skill development. They also undergo briefing about their roles, responsibilities, work ethics and professional grooming. Qualified and reliable, the handymen are sent to serve customers, within one hour of placing the request. Also, the cleaning services like deep home cleaning and regular cleaning, offered by these portals are high on popularity among women.

  • Convenience and Comfort:

The superb convenience and ease of using the app and placing the service-request with a single tap on mobile, is a cutting-edge feature of such applications. Owing to this, women are deemed to use the home-services apps to make their daily life seamless and fuss-free.

The home services market in the country is currently fragmented and disorganised. The scope for this market however remains huge as changing lifestyles and hectic schedules have made it difficult for consumers to do the household chores by themselves. Also, searching for the right servicemen and expecting them to come at a short notice is another cumbersome affair.

Other lingering doubts about reliability, safety and transparency exacerbate the situation by making consumers fearful, especially women. With the emergence of more nuclear families, security, quality and right pricing have gained paramount importance for consumers. To cater to this section of masses, factors like quick and quality delivery, affordable & apt pricing and professionalized services will play a key role in the coming days.

The home-service industry has a promising future in the country. The mounting requirement of people for quick and quality home services is steering the growth of this segment like never before. This is encouraging more and more startups to foray into this industry and tap the lucrative and unexplored market. Also, a shift from local to hyperlocal will make the home-services available to customers’ doorsteps in the least possible time enhancing last mile connectivity.

With the rising dependence on technology and the paucity of time that urban women face, their desire to keep the household mechanisms well-oiled gains more urgency. Home services apps that take end-to-end responsibility of delivering quality and timely service are emerging as saviors from the daily drudgeries of household maintenance & repair.  Thanks to the transparency in pricing they offer, the cost-efficient woman today no longer has to haggle with the servicemen over their fees as the home service market has standardized prices offering the consumer peace of mind and guarantee of service. Some companies even offer 100% cashback on dissatisfaction with their services. Needless to say, their services are in tandem with every woman’s dream of ensuring a happy home!

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