Google to Ban Unnecessary Flash Ads on Chrome Next Month Onwards

Google has announced that Chrome will freeze unnecessary Flash ads on sight from Sept 1, 2015.

Users can right-click over the security-challenged plugin and select “Run this” if they want to unfreeze an ad. Otherwise, the Flash files will remain suspended in a grey box, unable to cause any harm nor any annoyance.

In June, Google had declared in cooperation with Adobe that  it would change the way Flash material is displayed on websites.

Basically, “essential” Flash content (such as embedded video players) are allowed to automatically run, while non-essential Flash content, much of that being advertisements, will be automatically paused.

Chrome’s “Detect and run important plugin content” feature is being effectively taken in consideration, and being it the default: only the “main plugin content on websites” will be run automatically.

The main reason behind this move is stated to be Chrome’s performance, which is being hindered by too many Flash content. Importantly, the move will help kill the spread of malware via malicious Flash files, particularly dodgy adverts that have popped up on sites used by millions and millions of people, reports The Register.

Google has requested the advertisers who are obviously not very comfortable with the step to convert their Flash artwork to HTML5. According to the cyber-goliath, “most Flash ads uploaded to [Google] AdWords are automatically converted to HTML5.”

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