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Facebook Starts Live Video Streaming Tool for Celebrities Only

Facebook has introduced live video streaming service tool ‘Live’ exclusively for celebrities. Public figures and other influencers until now used Facebook Mentions to share and connect with their fans.

Now, with the newly introduced service of live video (works on Facebook Mentions app only for public figures with a verified page), public players will be able to connect with their fans in an all new way. With ‘Live’, public figures will be able to take their fans behind the scenes, host a Q&A, share announcements, and much more all happening in real time, as per company’s official blog post.

When a celebrity starts a live video, it will directly be visible in News Feeds of their fan’s accounts and they can comment, like and share in real time. During the broadcast, the celebrity will be able to see the number of viewers and a real time stream of comments from people tuning in. He/she can respond to comments live during the broadcast, or choose to hide comments. Sadly the Facebook Mentions service is only available for iOS users.

Once the live broadcast is over, the video will be published on the celebrity page for people who missed the event so that they can  watch it later. Option of removing the video is also available.

Facebook seems to be running a catch up race of live video streaming in the online industry. Other similar services popular in the market are Meerkat, the video sharing app specifically designed for Twitter which allows users to launch live streaming videos online. It was launched in February and gained popularity during the South by Southwest tech festival in Texas. Periscope’s acquisition by Twitter in March 2015 only highlights Facebook’s obsession to dominate the social video sharing  segment.

Twitter claims to have over 1 million people using the video service while Meerkat claims nearly 2 million users on its service, as per a report by CNET.

Facebook with ‘Live’ is all set for Live broadcasts from public figures like, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Serena Williams, Luke Bryan, Ricardo Kaka, Ashley Tisdale, Martha Stewart and more.

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