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Product Startup Exploride Seeks Crowdfunding to Turn Your Car into a Smart Car

With an aim of making driving safe and a pleasurable experience for everyone, Exploride a US-based startup founded by Sunil Vallath, is launching a new product that the company calls a heads-up display for any car. It allows users to access maps, music, calls, texts & more with its transparent display and hands free controls. With the help of gestures and voice recognition, it grants drivers the ability to take or decline calls, access music and maps, change volumes, hear texts, and even monitor vehicle diagnostics like speed, fuel, and more, all from one place.

The idea to design and launch such a product came to Sunil after he had a disturbing experience. Talking about it, he said, “My fiancee and I used to talk on the phone sometimes, while driving. On one such occasion, while talking on the phone, she got into a car accident. Luckily, she was unharmed. But the incident shook me up. It drove me to look for a solution where I could remain in touch with my loved ones while driving, without putting myself or them at risk of injury.”

Its specifications include 6 inch transparent display, Smart GPS with inbuilt voice-activated maps, 2GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, Quadcore processor and IR sensor to detect gestures. The product also having SIM card slot, microphones for recognizing voice commands, dual mini speakers for music and interaction.


Here are features of the Exploride:


Exploride has launched an Indiegogo campaign with an aim to raise $100,000 funding, and it has been successful in securing $21,060 till now. People who are interested in the product can pre-order the unit for $239 which includes heads-up display, OBD II adapter for access vehicle diagnostics, charging set and access to the exclusive Exploride app.

By January 2016 the company aims to ship their product (if they are able to raise funds) after completing its hardware and software testing successfully. No doubt it will provide an wholesome experience of smart, safe and connected driving. To support their funding campaign, click here.

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