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China-Based Investors keen for Indian Startups, Invest in iamwire

iamWireGrowth in Indian startup ecosystem has no doubt attracted the interests of investors and entrepreneurial minds from within the country and abroad. Moreover, the development in this sector is now also grabbing eyeballs from one of the world’s largest Internet economies present in Mainland China.

With Alibaba making the first move through its investments in Indian Internet firms, Chinese venture investors & angels have become sure of the opportunities, the Indian Startup sector offers. They witnessed an exponential & disruptive growth of Internet economy in China in the last decade, and now a similar expectation is drawing them to India., started in 2011 as a groundbreaker in digital & informative content for ecommerce industry in India, and soon expanded its content coverage across Startups, Technology, Mobile, Internet, Investments, has now got the likes of group of investors from China, who have acquired a minority stake in Growthword Digital Private Limited, the holding company of iamWire.

The round is led by Beijing based, Li Tao, Founder & CEO, APUS Group; Li Jian, Founder & CEO, Draphant Consultants; and other investors including, Nitin Garg, Saurabh Jain and Mohit Agarwal.

The company plans to use the raised capital in building scalable technology, helpful for startup founders; a part of the funds will also be utilized to innovate content to further grow the community.

iamwire envisions the creation of a singular platform for startup founders to get awareness, gain knowledge, receive fund raising support, and use product/services selection tools with its product offerings. It plans to scale the existing product features & roll out more similarly aligning products as a part of product strategy, to render a seamless experience to its users present across growing Internet economies.

Speaking on the market opportunity, Abhinav Dinesh, Co-Founder & CEO, iamwire said, “Witnessing the rise of cross geography transactions, either among investor-to-startup or startup-to-vendor in Internet space; iamwire is playing a role to bring together all the key stakeholders. Our core mission is to help professionals understand and adopt technology innovation to achieve scale in their respective businesses cum careers”. The company is also in talks to raise Series A round of investment.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, Growthword Digital Private Limited was founded by Abhinav Dinesh and Sugandh Dhawan in March 2015.

Previously, iamwire was incubated by Wirefoot India Technology Private Limited, a technology incubator service company, established in 2007. The incubator has also produced other Startups such as, Hotify (a big data & machine learning based news curation app) and Comezzo (an end-to-end content marketing & native ad-tech company).

iamwire focuses on innovations around technology, content & design for scaling the product. It is currently a 15 membered team, and has written about over 2,500 startups over the last 4 years. Over 1,500 startups from around the globe have signed up on its startup database section as of now.


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