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Apple TV to Have Wii-Like Features; Rumoured to be Launched in September

The new Apple TV which is to be launched soon is said to be bringing Wii-like controls. Apple’s new TV streaming box will include an upgraded remote that includes a trackpad. But it could also use Wii-like motion controls so you can point and click your way through the interface, reports Mashable.

Also, it is expected that the remote will have physical buttons and a microphone for Siri integration. The A8 chip, currently inside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, has the probability of making its way to the new streaming box as well.

As per the rumour, these features are included in the long awaited Apple Tv to open the gates to much more third-party softwares, likely games and entertainment apps, which would yield better performance than the one’s we experience on mobile devices. The Apple TV wouldn’t have the battery constraints an iPhone might, so developers can push its resources as far as they’d like.

On August 1st 2015, iamWire had covered a news furnishing detailed information on the features of Apple TV. The news also suggested that the product is set to be rolled out in September

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