6 Reasons Why You should Begin Your Career with a Startup

They say, when it comes to your career goals, you should always think big. But as a matter of fact, the accomplishment of that big goal of yours would require a collective experience of all the small yet relevant steps you take through your professional journey. And I believe, nothing can make it more exciting than a startup.

Here are 6 reasons why you should prefer a startup to a corporate when it comes to taking your first job:

It’s a mad house

A startup is very much like your newly built house that you love to work on, because the feeling of ownership comes naturally from within. Decorate it the way you want to. Paint the walls red. Furnish it with brightest of bean bags. Break your piggy banks, count the tenners and get a god damned coffee machine. Put on your worn out pajamas, look your ugliest but walk in like a boss even when you are late by a couple of hours. Fight with your peers like you fight with your siblings for your own cozy little space. Do literally whatever you want to. But make sure, whatever happens in the house, stays in the house. If a neighbour lays a finger on your habitat, kill them at point blank.

You will feel important. You are made to feel important.

Everything you do in a startup makes a difference. It contributes to the collective effort that your family is putting in to make that little house of yours survive the rough seasons and sustain throughout. No longer you are in your cocoon, safely blanketed by the shadow of your seniors. Here, you have to take big responsibilities, own up to your mistakes, take decisions (often critical) and develop a good leadership. Nevertheless, you can always fall back on your peers for guidance, support and assurance.

Your efforts are recognized, as are your failures

Unlike corporates, your effort will never go unrecognized at a startup. Since startups have horizontal work culture, you do not work under anyone, rather you work with everyone. As mentioned above, each and every contribution of yours towards the company is valued. You will never cease to have overwhelming surprises from your peers as a gesture of appreciation for your work. Isn’t that really cute? But yes, on the contrary, it’s also really easy for everyone to figure out  when you screw up. However, if you look at the silver lining of the situation, you realize, because failure is easier to notice, you’ll make sure to avoid mistakes in order to save your colleagues from disappointment. The same consciousness helps you stay focused.


One of the biggest drawbacks of working at a mature corporate is that you get engulfed by the monotony of the same task all your life. You never get to branch out into other areas, whereas, working at a startup will allow you to try out as many shoes you want to, even that weird pair that you didn’t think would ever look good on you at times turns out to be the best fit. This experience helps you grow holistically, while keeping your interest in work alive and agile. As you try your hand on diverse avenues, you tend to discover many new facets about yourself.

Scope of Learning

The surge of opportunities also brings along a myriad learning lessons. Everyday at a startup is a lesson, be it personal or professional. And the best part, you will learn from true innovators. People who start their own business from scratch carry a different mental and professional make up from those who have never known of creating something of their own. Entrepreneurs are defined by the quality of identifying an issue and coming up with an  innovative and original tactic of addressing it. They prove to be the best guides, for their ways of approaching a problem are unique and original. Hence, the experience of learning from startup founders is always enlightening. And they inspire you for the rest of your life to think out of the box.

Let’s just not get into the everyday office party scenes 😀

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    This is amazingly written post. Keeping vocabulary as simple as possible. So that users son’t lose the interest over tough words. Great job.

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    The article makes me ponder why am i still sitting at my desk in an IT MNC and commenting. The world is big and i need to diversify and learn more. Great article.

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