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Alibaba Launches its Public Cloud Service DT PAI under Aliyun

Chinese eCommerce giant, Alibaba has announced the launch of DT PAI, a new service in its Aliyun public cloud that will be capable of handling machine learning processes.

In the initial few weeks, a free trial of the service shall be available to a select group of early users, confirmed DT PAI product manager Xio Wei. He added, “DTPAI contains matured and advanced ML algorithms whose effectiveness are verified by Alibaba’s profound data scenarios in Taobao, Tmall or Alipay business.”

Further, he stated that the service can deal with workloads such as classification, clustering, feature abstraction, and large-scale statistics. They will even be able to perform an increasingly popular type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning.

He also mentioned that DT PAI is a type of statistical model, that “can process data with 10 billion plus dimensions of features and 100 billion plus of records”, reports Venture Beat.

Last year, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure had also launched their cloud services for machine learning. So, it is not very surprising to see Alibaba venturing into this arena. Last month Aliyun announced plans to add graphic processing units (GPUs) and solid state drives (SSDs), and Alibaba also committed to spending $1 billion to expand Aliyun in Japan, Europe and the Middle East.

“We are happy to serve users worldwide and we support English,” Wei maintained.

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