Top Five CRM Software Reviews in 2015

Author: Lindsey Patterson, Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur (Based: United States)

In the current economic times, businesses are keen on implementing ways to keeping track of clients and valuable lead information to sustain a strong customer base. One of the easiest ways to implement such a strategy without feeling the complexities that come along with data management is implementation of CRM (Customer Relation Management) systems. There are several CRM systems available today, and it is a good idea to check out some of the best in the market.

We have all heard the saying “The customer is always right.” This is a good mindset to have, but “Knowing your customers is always best.” is even better. CRM’s allow business to scale personal relationships and information with your customers. What are they unhappy about? How many kids do the have? Are they a superstitious sports fan? This little details enable customer support, sales, customer satisfaction and any client faces department to create a personable and more probable positive experience for their clients.

If your business likes happy customers, then looking into a CRM is not a bad idea. The following are top five leading CRM software reviews this year.


This CRM software tops the list of best lead management and tracking of customer contacts, and it was the 2015 gold award winner. Salesforce has been known to get great reviews.  It’s UI (user-interface) is friendly and provides a secure platform for contact management, powerful sales, and marketing features compared to any other CRM software available.

For it to receive the gold award, Salesforce achieved a ten out of ten scores in contact management, sales and marketing automation, employee tracking, ease of use and support features. It offers flexibility and increased scalability for different sizes of organizations on the platform. According to different users, Salesforce can drill down all types of metrics and performances allowing a company analyze and track business progress.

Common features Salesforce has that are unknown to many include:

  • The BigDeal Alerts allow users set opportunity amounts that trigger an email to be sent correctly to a select group of recipients in a company.
  • Divisions helps segment the company’s data into logical sections.
  • Territories grants permission to accounts depending on the account type and characteristics.
  • Outbound messages allows the users to contact external servers that are not in the Salesforce domain to run some functions.

NetSuit CRM Plus

It is a customer relations management CRM software application mostly used in small and medium-sized businesses. With an extensive customer base, NetSuit applies to serve thousands of clients in major industries including media, retail and wholesale, manufacturing and distribution among others. It features both front and back-office integration with an all-in-one business model suitable for client management.

Other features include the analytics functionality, mobile integration for iPhones, sales force automation, marketing analytics and e-commerce. NetSuit is the 2015 silver winner among the best CRM software applications.

Some common features of NetSuite CRM you may be missing out on include:

  • Self-upgrade mechanism function to enable or disable
  • A variety of customizations and dashboard interfaces
  • Mobile access feature


It is a CRM software application that won the 2015 Bronze award offering both cloud-based solutions and on-site support to companies. They can be able to utilize its ability to link departments or remote offices by connecting customer data among users. CRM also provides a large number of functionalities including Contact management, sales and marketing, employee tracking, customer support and ease of use.

Some common features most users don’t know include;

  • Quote management and lead tracking
  • Social media integration
  • Workflow rules and management tips


On rating CRM software, Act lies fourth in the list with an 8.92 out of 10 scores basing on its functionality and use. Just like its leading competitors, it offers both cloud-based and on-site CRM solutions to companies and individual users. The two solutions give the clients the freedom of choice concerning how they would like to store their data. It definitely would not offer as many features and functions as the best CRM applications, but it have more to offer depending on customer’s needs.

Users can use Act to integrate with most email applications to manage, retrieve and send messages from within the application. It is also vital to managing employees, keep track of company meetings and also manage daily activities. The split window UI enables users to run multiple tasks. Users can indeed generate a large volume of reports, create basic accounting functions, gross margin calculations, competitor analysis and even track employee and client birthdays.

Some common features most users miss include:

  • Easy information access through tabs on the top windows
  • Birthdays and event notification and setup
  • Dialing Capabilities


It won’t be the best, but SalesNexus offers some of the most competitive features of CRM applications. It is the perfect choice for small business entities that do not have large client bases. With a natural user interface, excellent contact management, and additional sales tools, it turns out to be a useful application for creation of marketing campaigns, employee tracking and customer relation management. It is simply a basic contact management program that enables small-sized companies create easy marketing strategies. It is cloud-based, simple in design and intuitive.

Some standard features users miss include:

  • Live chat integration feature
  • File sharing tools
  • Employee knowledge base creation tools for company policies and regulations

In conclusion, the above CRM software reviews point out the top CRM top performers and reasons as to why they stay on top charts. There are other non-CRM software applications with a more powerful user interface and functionality you can check out online.

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    If I could add one more app to the list it would be Sales Horse Rider’s sales manager. It is one of the best contact and customer management app for individuals, small businesses and sales teams.

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