Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Unveils its Smart Mi Water Purifier

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is now making a smart water purifier. The water purifier will go on sale in China on July 28 and will cost 1,299 Yuan (Rs. 13,279 approximately).

The purifier has been developed in conjunction with China’s Yunmi Technology. It uses the process of Reverse Osmosis (RO) to purify water.

The portable purifier features four filters — a cotton filter, two activated coconut carbon filter, and a RO membrane. The first filter cleans sediment, rust, and other such purities from the water, the carbon filters reduces discoloration and odor, and also improves the taste, while the RO membrane filters heavy metals, bacteria and other organic matter from water.

The Mi purifier can also be controlled by smartphone and is portable with dimensions of 205x260x410 mm. It purifies around 400 gallons of water in a day, and is around eight times faster than a standard water purifier, as reported by BGR.

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