How to Promote an Event Using Social Media


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Author: Chennapa Naidu Darapaneni, Founder & CEO, MeraEvents

One of the most powerful tools to gain exposure, in a world that is obsessed with the World Wide Web, is Social Media. This is irrespective of what you are hosting; it could be a physical conference or an online event. In simple words, it entails finding the best social media hacks to promote an event through online networking.

Promoting an event online has transformed completely after the introduction of social media marketing. Furthering its significance, social media has now become an essential part of marketing which helps increase interaction with customers or users while promoting an event. It can also be utilized to maximize ticket sales, which will make the event a commercial success. However, if not done right, the efficiency of social media marketing might backfire.

There are many ways to promote events through social media and discussed below are some of the best practices using social media marketing.

The foremost step towards social media marketing is creating an event page. This can be done by creating event pages on Facebook, event handle and hashtag on Twitter, Blog post on LinkedIn, Pin Board on Pinterest, gallery on Instagram and post on Google+. These activities have the power to make an event go viral. Tag famous personalities related to those industries in these posts.

The second most important thing to do is Facebook posting. The best way to promote an event is, generating a buzz in the social network before launching the event. Continuous teasers and contests to keep the target audiences engaged to the page and keeping them inquisitive about the forthcoming posts and events is imperative. Doing this, will create a lot of excitement for the event amongst the viewers.

Another key to social media marketing is user’s engagement. Just creating a page or posting is not enough for user engagement, as it becomes a one-sided conversation. Exchanging words with the users and keeping them hooked to the page is vital for the promotion of the event in social media. This could be done by running a quiz or holding some contests. It will draw more attention to the page. The users have to be enticed to participate in them too, therefore reward them for being active and participating in the contests. This way, the users will also get involved in the promotion of the event.

The next essential thing to keep in mind is gaining new fans. Once a dedicated Facebook page is created, use the invite option to invite friends and colleagues to like the page. This will help in increasing the fan base organically and will also expand the reach of more individuals beyond the target audiences.

Following this, the next thing in terms of importance in social media marketing would be to create E-Banners. One can draw a lot of inspiration from the “Jaago Re” promotions during the last general elections. The E-Banners asked a very important question “Have you registered to vote yet”,and motivated a lot of voters. In fact, it was so successful that it increased the total number of voters by 12% as compared to the previous elections. Similarly, one can create promotional ads to promote the event. However, it is to be noted that these are paid activities of social media.

Going beyond Facebook, one cannot ignore the power of the Hashtag, as it is considered to be the King of social media. Quirky yet relevant, #Hashtag for an event can go a long way to create a buzz and trend it. This can be done by keeping a wary eye out on the latest industry updates and tweeting regularly on the news related to the business. Also tagging renowned personalities associated with the tweet helps in trending the tweet. Please bear in mind the critical hours when most of the target audience is on Twitter. It varies from event to event, and genre to genre.

When talking about professional events, LinkedIn is one site which cannot be ignored. It is the most apt and large scale platform for professional gatherings and engagements. One can look for groups and join them while posts on LinkedIn can drive huge traffic to the event. According to a recent market report, it has been proven that 20 posts in a month can drive 60 percent of audiences.

These social media marketing hacks are the most recent ones. One needs to understand that social media is a very dynamic platform and is constantly evolving. Therefore, the event managers and marketers need to be on top of their game in order to derive the maximum out of it.

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