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Neglecting the Shift to Mobile was a Big Mistake – Satya Nadella

Overlooking the shift to mobile while keeping its focus restricted to the PC has been one of the biggest mistakes of Microsoft, confessed CEO Satya Nadella.

Image Source: gannett

Image Source: gannett

“[One] big mistake we made in our past was to think of the PC as the hub for everything for all time to come,” Nadella says.

A decade ago, more than 90% of devices connecting the Internet ran Microsoft Windows. But with the rise of the smartphone, the PC market scenario has been disrupted quite majorly, dropping the stats to less than 15%, admitted, Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner.

Also, the fact that Microsoft joined the smartphone business as a late comer, the total market share held by the company in this segment is less than 3%, reports the Business Insider. One the other hand, Apple which stands as one of the biggest competitors of Microsoft, has taken the market by storm with its iPhones, let alone Mac laptops and desktops.

Nevertheless, Nadella  is of the opinion that concentrating single-mindedly on smartphones would be making the same mistake again.

Nadella says, the mission is to acknowledge that the “six-inch” smartphone is “the high volume device” while thinking about whatever comes next.

“To think that that’s what the future is for all time to come would be to make the same mistake we made in the past without even having the share position of the past,” he says. “So that would be madness.”

Notably, a few days back Microsoft had confessed that its deal with Nokia was a very big mistake as it yielded nothing but futility. The technology giant confirmed that it would lay off over 7,800 employees worldwide over the next few months, the majority of which are based in its phone division. That is in addition to the 18,000 employees that Microsoft announced it would lay off last year.

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