Google Launches its Beacon Based Platform Eddystone


Google launched its new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon-based platform called as Eddystone. The platform is said to be a direct competition of Apple’s iBeacon tech.

BLE (bluetooth low energy) beacons are small battery-powered devices that use bluetooth technology to trigger actions when a compatible smartphone or tablet is nearby.

Google’s Eddystone is open source and cross platform, which means that it has the capability of working across iOS, Android and any device that supports BLE beacons. As Google claims, it has worked with many beacon manufacturers to add support for Eddystone but any beacon manufacturers can make their hardware compatible with Eddystone with the help of just a simple firmware update.

Eddystone also includes a way for beacons to communicate privately with select individuals. Google says it has created a system, called Ephemeral Identifiers (EIDs) that allows beacons to broadcast a signal that is only identifiable to authorized clients, as according to company’s official blog post.

Google Now will also be able to take advantage of the technology by using contextual information to help prioritize the most relevant cards, like showing you menu items when you’re inside a restaurant.

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