Facebook Testing its Virtual Assistance Called Moneypenny

It seems like Siri, Cortana and Google Now could get some serious competition as Facebook is soon to come up with its own Virtual Assistant called “Moneypenny,” a hybrid feature that helps users complete tasks like buying products and services online.

Moneypenny is named after the James Bond franchise character who serves as M’s secretary. The VA is claimed to bring a human touch to modern digital assistants and would be so advanced that it may be appointed to carry out pre buying research on products the users wish to buy.

No detailed information has been revealed yet as the technology is still under testing, as a part of Facebook Messenger, reports AppleInsider.

It is assumed that Fb will offer the service on all major smartphone platforms and the Web. However, It is unclear if Facebook plans to charge a fee for purchased items, though Moneypenny might pay for itself in driving Messenger adoption and expanding the company’s access to consumer data.

Facebook has been working toward more direct transactions, and recently boosted Messenger with person-to-person money transfers, a feature offered by competing social networking services like Snapchat.

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