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Facebook Changes Lets you Choose whose Updates You Want in the News Feed

Facebook now facilitates its user to have more personal News Feed. The social networking site has introduced a new set of tools which is designed to enable its users to control exactly what they see in their News Feed.

The new tools are only available on Fb’s iOS app currently.

The biggest amend made in the News Feed is to “prioritize who to see first,” which allows the users to select which pages and people you always want to see at the top of your News Feed.

The feature enables the user to select up to 30 accounts whose newest updates will always appear first in the feed. Posts from accounts that have been prioritized will also include a star to remind the user  that they have chosen to see more of their posts.

The feature was modeled after News Feed’s “unfollow” feature, which allows people to choose not to see posts from specific pages and people in their feed, confirmed Greg Marra, Facebook’s Product Manager for News Feed.

The new preferences also provide a dedicated menu for unfollowing friends and pages whose updates one doesn’t want to see as well as “reconnecting” with people who the user had unfollowed in the past. Additionally, the preferences will also surface recommendations for new pages to follow.

The suggestions in the “discover new pages” menu are influenced by the pages the user already likes as well as those liked by people like the user, and are meant to give users more ways to see the posts they are most interested in.

“Historically, the thing we’ve relied on most to improve News Feed is looking at what videos do you watch, what links do you click, what posts do you like, because those are all you saying ‘this is something that I want,'” Marra said. “But what we’re learning from these surveys is there are other things we need to know about what you care about that don’t necessarily mean you clicked the link or liked the post,” reports

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