Cartisan: Helping Car Owners Find Trusted Car Service Providers in their Vicinity

What is Cartisan?

Imagine you are planning a long weekend drive and want to ensure you are not stranded on the highway because of a vehicle breakdown. All you want is a quick health check of your car to put your mind at ease, at the same time not cost you the earth. Locating the nearest car service center that promises timely delivery and value for money can seem impossible. Cartisan aims to fill this gap by simplifying car care and make it a hassle-free experience for car owners by catering to all of the above mentioned and more car related issues.

In June 2015, Venkat Sreeram, Sharath Murthy, Pete Bulley and Rajat Patni launched Cartisan, a convenient and interactive platform for car owners catering to all vehicle related service requirements.

“We are a passionate crowd of product people, designers, techies, engineers and organizers. In our past lives we drove, sold, serviced, crashed, designed, dreamt of and drooled over cars. And now we are together at Cartisan on a simple mission – to enhance experience of car ownership”,” says Venkat Sreeram, the CEO, Cartisan.

How does it work?

Car owners can book a service appointment by giving in the details of the vehicle and the type of service that they are looking for. Based on comparison of factors such as estimated prices, distance and reviews/ratings, a user can book the service appointment. Once the service provider accepts the appointment, the car owner is notified with an SMS and is kept up-to-date with other details such as his vehicle service status, when the work is completed and also delivers the vehicle along with notifying the owner of the car.

Cartisan’s Android app gives services such as car wash including interior and exterior wash and complete car detailing. Pickup and drop, as well as doorstep services are also available. Soon the app will be updated to provide a wider range of services ranging from regular maintenance to help during vehicle breakdown.


What problems is it solving? 

“We understand that car ownership at times becomes painful – not knowing how to maintain your car, not knowing where to get it serviced, not knowing how much to pay for, in the unfortunate case of a breakdown, not knowing what to do!”, adds Venkat.

One of the major challenges in car servicing sector is the lack of transparency in terms of pricing and service quality. Comparative price estimates and ratings along with  reviews of other car owners for various car service providers will help a user make an informed decision and derive better value.

What are its key services and features?

Cartisan is a go-to platform that is easy to operate, hassle-free and requires minimum effort. It enables users to select the best solution with minimum taps saving valuable time. Booking a service appointment takes less than 30 seconds as the company claims.

How has the response been till now?

The website was launched in June 2015 and the response till now has been overwhelming for the team. Presently the app is available for Android users only, its iOS version is being developed and will be rolled out soon. Currently, the startup has enrolled around 100 service providers in Bangalore on their platform including reputed chains like 3M Car Care, Bosch Car Service, Eco car care and Cherry agencies. They are adding more service providers each day.

What are the startup’s future plans?

“We are keen on making sure our customers and service partners are happy with our services in Bangalore and plan to expand in other cities in India starting with Delhi/NCR and Mumbai  before the end of this year”, according to the company founders. They are currently offering their service free of cost to consumers, as well as to service providers as they have plans to establish a fair monetization model once they acquire decent share of user base on their platform. The company is in talks with a few investors and soon will close their angel round of funding.

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    #Cartisan worst service I have ever received. A week back I have given my car for the service in Mumbai and later I found the engine oil is leaking from my car. When I show it to a mechanic he told me the meatal container which contain oil is broken. When I called them they said it will cost you 4000 if you want to repair that. But when I say why should I pay, it was you guys who broke my car you should pay this amount. Then they said do what ever you want to do we will not going to pay. My car has not met with any accident not even a small jerk then how a strong metal oil container can get leaked. It is there mistake even an idiot will tell you. They want that a person first take service from them at less price and then they abnormally charge for the part they have broken
    A good way to make money and fool customer.
    God bless to those you still take there service. #worst service provider #stop fooling customer’s


    Ankit Kumar

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