Apple Blocks iOS 9 Beta Testers from Writing App Store Reviews

Apple has blocked iOS 9 beta testers from writing app reviews in the App Store. Bugs, compatibility and other weird things are often very common, add to this bad reviews from users could bring down the app’s overall ratings and possibly reduce downloads, the company fears. Users of iOS 9 beta now get this message when attempting to review applications in the store.

It is still unclear whether the company will remove the existing reviews left by beta users or not. But, developers may get some much-needed breathing room to get their apps fully iOS compatible.

The final version of the iOS 9 is expected to launch when iPhones are launched around September this year. It comes with a more proactive Siri, multitasking views for the iPad, and a News app that showcases a curated list of articles from selected publishers, among other new features.

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