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Airtel Becomes Third Largest Mobile Operator in the World

Bharti Airtel Ltd becomes third largest mobile operator in the world. The company claims to have 303 million mobile subscribers, surpassing China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. (a state owned telecom operator) and UK’s Vodafone Group, as per the latest data published by WCIS (World Cellular Information Service).

By April end the company’s wireless subscriber base in India was 228.25 million, as per the latest data from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. The rest of it was in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and 17 countries in the African continent, as reported by TOI.

Chairman Sunil Mittal said the next phase of the company’s growth would be led by mobile internet. The following chart shows the data of top-5 mobile operators in the world, according to the data by WCIS.

Top 5 Mobile Operators in the World

One of the reasons of the growing demand of these mobile operator service in China and India could be the population size in these  countries. China Mobile clearly dominates the list of top telecom companies, however all these companies will have to think of new and innovative ways to acquire new and also hold on to their present customers.

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